Full Service Carrier Content

Our ongoing commitment to offering the widest possible choice of merchandizing content enables you to personalize your service, regardless of customer need. So it doesn’t matter how far and wide your customers’ travel aspirations go, you can be confident that you’ll be able to book the right services for them.

Leverage an expansive selection of merchandizing content and provide customers with an enhanced, personalized service.


Deliver the best

Did you know that 95% of the entire world’s scheduled network airline seats are bookable on Amadeus? We have guaranteed access to the same fares available anywhere else, which means you'll benefit from merchandising opportunities and intuitive retailing, both of which are integrated into the heart of the booking flow.

Ancillary and fare family services

We offer hundreds of fare family options from some of the world’s leading airlines and ancillary services from over 90 airlines, which includes everything from bags and seats to sports equipment and firearms.

Extensive content

Leverage full content secured from 140 airlines, 35% more than the closest competitor. You'll have access to the same fares available via all other sales channels, including airline websites, call centers and more.

Highest access

Get the highest level of access to more than 290 airlines - more than twice as many as our closest competitor. This gives you access to real-time, secure information about the content you can offer your customers.

Confidence in service

Building strong and loyal customer relationships requires you to be able to support your customers in every situation, whether with last minute arrangements or in response to disruption.


Manage all updates to your passengers’ itineraries with fully synchronized information from over 140 airlines using Altéa, a shared platform that enables airline and travel agencies to work as one, with access to a single passenger name record (PNR).

Impressive efficiency

Capture every sales opportunity with visibility right down to the last seat and the ability to instantly confirm bookings and changes made to existing reservations, also resulting in a reduction in airline debt memos (ADMs).

Negotiated space

With negotiated space, inventory allotments are secured even when there is no availability through other channels.

Automatic personalization

Personalize your service based on travel preferences and frequent flyer status.

Product Highlights Full Service Carrier Content

Offer your customers comprehensive and personalized service and stay competitive in today’s expanding market.

Access 95% of the world’s schedule network airline seats, all bookable through Amadeus with seamless booking flow integration.
Capture every sales opportunity with heightened visibility, instantaneous booking confirmation and modification.
Deliver a personalized customer experience based on individual preferences and frequent flyer status.
Allow airlines and agencies to function as one with Altéa airline information synchronization through a single shared platform.

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