Amadeus Fraud Alert

Reinforce your defenses against fraud and automatically screen payment transactions in real-time, before the point of authorization and ticket issuance.

Automatically screen payment transactions in real time, before authorization and ticket issuance.


Safeguard against revenue loss with advanced fraud screening

Data files are sent to the fraud-screening partner during the acceptance process, at the authorization request stage. The transactions are then checked for fraud risk.

Fraud status

Transactions ranked Green are ticketed automatically, while those ranked red are automatically rejected, halting the ticketing process.

Agency control

If the travel agency can verify the card owner’s identity, the rejected transaction can be forcibly accepted by a dedicated, authorized agent.

Efficient and reliable fraud protection

Amadeus Fraud Alert is integrated directly within the PNR for greater efficiency during the screening process, which is handled by expert fraud prevention company ACI Worldwide.

Real-time fraud screening

Fraud screening occurs in real-time before the authorization and ticket issuance process.

Reliable fraud prevention

ACI Worldwide are a globally recognized fraud prevention company, offering experience and reliability throughout the fraud screening process.

Streamline processes

Credit card payment transactions are automatically validated for great efficiency.

Security and savings

By reducing the risk and rate of fraud, you’ll also reduce all associated costs and chargebacks.

Product Highlights Amadeus Fraud Alert

Below are a list of some business rules and validations performed by Amadeus Fraud Alert in order to detect fraudulent misconduct.

Flights purchased less than 72 hours in advance of departure can be checked for fraudulent behavior.
Credit cards issued outside of the ticket issamce country (international credit cards) may trigger fraud alerts.
Partner antifraud database, including their blacklists are leveraged during the screening process.
Payment data (credit card number, franchise, expiration date, etc.) can be analyzed for improved protection.
PNR details (origin & destination, dates, airlines, etc.) are used to improve fraud protection.
Frequent traveler history entered on the PNR is taken into account when detecting fraud.
The booking device IP address is used to identify where a payment was made.
Device IDs are analyzed to detect robotic devices used to carry out fraud.