Fare Families in Amadeus

Differentiate and add value to your offer by providing enriched content to business travelers. Show your customers exactly what’s included in every fare with Amadeus Fare Families and help them make more informed purchase decisions.

Add value to your offering by delivering enriched content to your online shoppers.


Build a reputation for reliability

By giving your customers simplicity and consistency, you’ll build and maintain a reputation for reliability and transparency.

Tailor your offers to customer needs

Enhance your customers’ experience with the ability to personalize and customize each air booking based on their specific needs.

Target the right market with the right fare

Target the right customer with the right fare using pricing by fare family and upgrade recommendations.

Offer a transparent shopping experience

Offer corporate travelers relevant content, transparency and clarity throughout the entire shopping process.

Never charge customers an unfair fee

Clearly outline the main fare conditions, services and mileage accrual to your travelers. This helps every customer make informed purchase decisions.

Increase your efficiency

Avoid downtime and disruption with seamless integration across all booking flows.

Outpace your competition

Gain a stronger competitive edge with easy access to all bundled fares integrated within a standard booking flow.

Fare comparison made easy

Allow shoppers to easily compare prices and see all services included in their chosen fare. This helps you deliver the same level of service your customers would have received if they’d gone directly to the airline’s website.

A one-stop-shop for all shopper needs

Create an ideal one-stop-shop where business travelers can find all content from airlines and easily compare offers.

Automatic recommendations and more

Provide automatic upgrade recommendations in the next available fare family at pricing time and propose a teaser for upselling to the next level. Surprise your customers by offering higher comfort and services at lower prices than they might expect.

Product Highlights Amadeus Fare Families

Meet the needs of your corporate customers and offer a positive experience designed to add value to your brand.

Keep corporate customers satisfied with personalized air bookings based on their specific preferences.
Provide customers with greater airfare transparency, including conditions, services and mileage accrual.
Enjoy seamless integration across all booking flows for increased profitability and efficiency.
Empower business travelers with easy, intuitive price comparison functionality.

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