Amadeus e-Travel Management

Empower your corporate customers with an online self-booking tool that’s built to serve all their travel needs via a single entry point. By allowing travel planners to book and purchase complete travel itineraries, you’ll earn a reputation for reliability and superior customer service.

Maintain control of your corporate travel programme with Amadeus e-Travel Management (AeTM), an online self-booking tool built to serve your corporation’s travel needs via a single-entry point.


Empower your corporate clients

Allow corporate customers to define and review their travel policies easily using automatic reports. Plus, facilitate travel request approval with multi-level and cross-community approvals.

Keep travel costs low

Use fully-optimized multi-level and multi-channel approval, cutting corporate travel costs.

Enhance booking processes with alternative proposals

Optimize the flow of bookings with key features like initial flow activation and default queuing for offline bookings. Additionally,  convergence rules are available both online and offline.  

Choose your technology and suppliers

Enjoy the flexibility of a multi-GDS interface. Amadeus e-Travel Management supports integration with existing IT systems and third-party providers.

Benefit from aggregator rates

Get hotel content, including HRS aggregator rates and an extra 250,000 hotel properties, in a merged display that also includes local content.

Manage the entire trip lifecycle with full integration

An end-to-end SAP expense management product that helps you manage the entire trip lifecycle, from planning to booking and expense management.

Improve your client service

Enable your business travelers to easily compare web fares for air and rail travel, helping them choose the cheapest route aligned with company policy.

Make your bookings faster

Speed up the booking process with templates available from our Travel Arranger workspace. You can also use mobile booking and approval on the move with Android or iPhone devices. 

Engage customers with visual content 

Search and compare hotel options at a glance in a graphical map display with our comprehensive hotel catalogue, available on request.

Access a wealth of high-quality content

Our management tools give you total access to the global distribution system (GDS) and external content, with the option to use advanced search tools for a streamlined experience.

Get trusted hotel reviews and ratings

Amadeus e-Travel Management  helps you enhance business travelers’ decision-making with trusted reviews and ratings.

Book with hundreds of airlines

Search from an extensive database built to support a range of options for specific requirements. Book with more than 500 airlines connected directly to Amadeus and more than 80 low-cost carriers, including major local low-cost carriers like IndiGo and SpiceJet in the Asia-Pacific region.

Always stay secure

Our secure environment incorporates a unified level of service for all transactions, providing protection and peace of mind.

Stay safe with our in-house database

Implement effective data security and reliability with the largest data management site in the EU, complete with internal data housing. 

Trust in our fully certified system

Our management tool is qualified under the distinguished PCI-DSS certification. 

Product Highlights Amadeus e-Travel Management

Empower your corporate clients with complete management over their itineraries, with full alignment to their company guidelines.

Leverage automatic reporting to swiftly define and review travel policies.  
Reduce travel costs through optimized approval flows. 
Take advantage of a multi-GDS interface and streamlined integration with your existing systems and/or third-party providers.
Manage the entire trip lifecycle, from planning to booking and expense management.
Easily compare web fares across rail and air travel in a single view.
Leverage visual content and templates to streamline the booking process.
Access an expansive database connected to over 500 airlines worldwide.
Stay protected with a secure environment boasting full PCI-DSS certification and in-house data.

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