Amadeus e-Power

Access the right tools, content and personalization to expand your online presence and attract more business travel clients. Amadeus e-Power makes it fast and easy for business travelers to navigate and book travel on your site on any device. Offer exceptional airline, car and hotel content – and provide business travelers with the fares and options they need most, including chargeable seats and bags.

Attract more business travel clients with personalized, innovative tools and engaging content.


Drive and direct your traffic 

Share your chosen real-time data and drive a wider audience to your website. You’ll then have the opportunity to optimize your sales, cross-selling seats and chargeable bags as well as hotel rooms, cars and insurance. 

Take advantage of service fees and mark-up rules

Grow your profits with a bespoke set of service fees and mark-up rules sourced from metasearch referral channels, with no prior agreement required.

Harness an easy, mobile-friendly booking flow

Leverage a responsive and easy-to-use interface, making it simple to browse and book immediately or earmark options for later.

Evolve your website, develop your business

Easily customize services with a risk-free, turnkey site that evolves with your business, helping you expand as your business travel agency grows. 

Simplify your management for better efficiency 

Use our design wizard to easily organize the visual and functional aspects of your site and see your changes implemented immediately.  

Access an unrivalled content hub 

Use our database to access almost three times more content systems than there are countries in the world plus content from low-cost carriers – they’re all in one place with Amadeus.

Accommodate every client with alternative proposals

Automatically propose the best alternate match when a business traveler’s selection can’t be booked. Extensive search options are immediately offered as alternate affordable proposals.     

Product Highlights Amadeus e-Power

Reach out and impress new business travelers with tools, content and personalization services that are good for travelers and your business.

Book flights from any device with our mobile-friendly user interface, expert online tools, exposition on metasearch engines and higher rankings on Google.  
Harness choice and transparency with our leading low-fare search technology in seconds. 
Offer personalized services, cross-selling and alternate matches.  
Upsell to higher fare families with more flexible fare conditions and generate extra revenue. 
Our customizable user interface helps you keep up as your business grows.
Easily expand your business scope with local partners or your geographical reach with the Affiliate Multi-Site module.  

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