Amadeus CheckMyTrip Premium

Offer business travelers all the travel information they need directly on their smartphone, tablet or desktop. With access to online check-in, status check for pre-booked flights or train journeys and calendar synchronization make CheckMyTrip Premium the perfect travel companion.

CheckMyTrip Premium offers your business traveler customers all the information they need for their trip on their smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Integrated into your existing processes

You don’t need to make any further investments or purchase any new programs to offer your customers this service. You simply send the itinerary directly to your customer’s smartphone from the Amadeus Selling Platform, providing them with instant access to the full range of services, including automatic alerts for itinerary changes, an automatic calendar import function, map views, weather reports, and so much more.

Up-to-date travel information

As soon as a customer’s itinerary changes, for example if a flight is delayed, they can choose to receive a push notification or an email. Their itinerary is automatically updated and they always stay informed, even when they’re on-the-go – so their trip runs smoothly.

Make it your own

Do you want to inform your customers personally about their travel plans? Then simply send them a message directly in the app, for example to confirm their flight or room booking. Customers will enjoy the comprehensive service – and your integrated travel agency logo is in view at all times.

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Product Highlights Amadeus CheckMyTrip Premium

Comprehensive mobile service integrated into the Amadeus selling platform.
Travelers receive their itinerary directly on their smartphone, tablet or desktop.
Your customers also receive personalized notifications via the app.
Your own travel agency menu with your logo and contact details.

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