Amadeus Booking Data Feed

Access relevant, streamlined and customizable data from the passenger name record (PNR) for use in your own IT system. Discover new business opportunities, improve your all-around performance and start making better business decisions today.

Capture new business opportunities, improve your performance and strategic decision-making.


Make better business decisions

Carry out accurate market analysis, monitor reservations, spot trends and create forecasting based on sales.

Improve customer service and satisfaction

Introduce loyalty programs or third-party systems to run specific programs on behalf of your agency. 

Rich data

Access and take full advantage of a wide selection of constantly evolving rich data.

Versatile spending modes

Both batch and online spending modes are available depending on your needs.  

Increase your operational efficiency

With mid-back office processing up to six times faster, you can apply operational rules and services to specific routes. As a result, you'll see fewer instances of missed flights and provide customers with a stress-free travel experience.

Flexible formats

Choose from Edifact or embedded XML for easy interfacing with your own IT system.

Achieve greater accuracy and traceability 

Keep track of all your PNRs and receive updates from both your own and external agents managing the PNRs. 

Product Highlights Amadeus Booking Data Feed

Discover new business opportunities, improve your all-around performance, and start making better business decisions today.

Ensure special services reach all customers with fast mid-back office processing.
Minimize the number of missed flights by adding operational rules and extra services to specific routes.
Fully adaptable content settings ensure only valuable information is sent for monitoring.
Browse versatile batch and online modes best suited to your search requirements.

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