Air-Rail Display for Travel Agencies

Compare air and rail travel on popular routes by incorporating rail into the Amadeus airline display.

Give your customers more choice. Compare side-by-side air with rail travel.


Put the customer first

Give your customers genuine transport choices.

One screen does it all

Air and rail can be viewed side-by-side within the Amadeus Selling Platform.

More travel options

Combine rail with other travel and accommodation options. Provide your customers with a true multimodal experience.

Increase productivity

Air-Rail Display for Travel Agencies automates workflows.

Reduce booking time

Book rail tickets as easily as air tickets.

Product Highlights Air-Rail Display for Travel Agencies

Bring air and rail travel together into a single display. Make multimodal travel a reality – benefiting you and your customers.

Compare and combine air and rail.
Same standardized, end-to-end flow as air.
Booking time reduced by 50%.
Enhance customer choice.

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