Amadeus Agency Manager

Minimize the administrative strain on resources with the smooth data flow between your mid- and back-office. Amadeus Agency Manager gives your agents the time they need to go over and above for your corporate clients.

Implement a smooth, streamlined data flow between mid and back office with Amadeus Agency Manager.


Ensure your operations run seamlessly

Automated systems enable touchless invoicing directly after ticketing, eliminating human error and quickly producing customizable reports for your in-house and global needs.

Automate your service fee calculation

Our flexible transaction fee product features automatic service fee calculation for forecasted and actual sales. This allows you to minimize errors and implement effective daily schedule plans for both teams and consultants.

Automate your invoice processing

Take a step into the future with touchless invoicing directly after ticketing, avoiding the need for cost and time intensive manual intervention.


Improve your report workflow with standardized internal customer and supplier reports, or fully customizable reports provided by Amadeus Management Information System.

Travel file

Every trip element from multiple sources is contained within a comprehensive travel file.

Use our system to complement your existing systems

Enjoy comprehensive integration with Amadeus Selling Platform and compatibility with multiple content providers and third-party back-office systems.

Global compliance

Amadeus Agency Manager is compliant in over 20 countries, featuring automatic VAT handling, local language support, local provider integration, local credit card integration and global reporting.

Amadeus Selling Platform integration

Seamlessly integrate with Amadeus’ leading point-of-sale application.

Manage your revenue more effectively

Our proven margin control system checks the margin of each product or dossier based on purchase price, with automatic invoicing and service fee calculation.

Control your margins

Systematically control your profit margins, both forecasted and actual.

Access consistent and reliable documentation

Documents like itineraries, invoices, order confirmations, credit notes, vouchers and more can be customized for agencies and clients, archived centrally and accessed via a web portal.

Data quality control

Amadeus Accounting Management Information Systems creates profiles for the passenger, supplier, product and agency.

Modular technology

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to use and spend money on only those products that meet your specific business needs.

Product Highlights Amadeus Agency Manager

Customizable to your needs and compliant across multiple markets for ease and efficiency, Amadeus Agency Manager delivers streamlined data flow between the mid- and back-office.

Maximize productivity with automated features including automated fee service calculation and invoicing.
Seamless integration with Amadeus Selling Platform and compliance in over 20 countries.
Exercise greater control over both forecasted and actual profit margins.
Archive all documentation centrally via an easily accessible web portal.
Leverage distinct profiles for passengers, suppliers, products and agencies.
Utilize only those products that best suit your unique business needs and requirements.

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