Amadeus Resource Management System

Optimize your resource deployment with Amadeus Resource Management System (RMS) and avoid costly delays due to inaccurate or incomplete plans.

Optimize your resource deployment with Amadeus Resource Management System (RMS) and avoid costly delays due to inaccurate or incomplete plans.


A leading resource planning solution

Poor decision-making in the complex airport environment can easily lead to costly delays. Avoid this with Amadeus RMS, a leading IT solution designed to facilitate resource planning.

All your resource information

Amadeus RMS supplies you with all necessary resource information in a clear and systematic format, enabling you to deliver a rapid response and resolution at critical moments.

Ensure available resources

Ensure resources are available as needed with comprehensive information on expected resource demand, current traffic, and allocation status.

Monitor the capacity of resources

Monitor the capacities of gates, aircraft stands, departure lounges, baggage belts, and check-in counters, all with Amadeus RMS.

Save time and resources

With Amadeus RMS you can relieve your scheduling managers of many time-consuming routine tasks, giving them more time to focus on what really matters.

Manage resources more effectively

Amadeus RMS allows you to more effectively manage your fixed handling resources, enhancing the quality of your services and the efficiency of your operation.

Support scheduling of resources

As an integral part of your central information system, Amadeus RMS will make a vital contribution to the quality of airport services by supporting the scheduling of baggage belts and check-in counters, and the coordination of gates, remote stands, and associated departure lounges.

Always access the latest data

Amadeus RMS is connected to an online central database, so all data is continually updated. The operative RMS database receives flight-related updates from the central database on current resource allocation and visualizes their impact.

Short, medium and long term planning

Amadeus RMS helps scheduling managers optimize handling capacities by supporting not only daily operations scheduling, but also medium and long-term schedules.

Issue identification and resolution

Should any bottlenecks occur, Amadeus RMS will identify and flag them before suggesting options for conflict resolution.

Simple to use

Ease of operation is essential to IT solutions, we recognize this and so have paid close attention to the development of Amadeus RMS’ graphical user interface.

Simple, straightforward navigation

Amadeus RMS displays all resource allocations in Gantt style bar charts and provides user-friendly, intuitive help and editing capabilities covering each function. Changes can be made with the familiar drag and drop technique.

Automatic updates of records

As a Client/Server and partially Web based solution with connectivity to other relevant databases, RMS is updated automatically when records are modified in the central database or by other RMS users. The system simultaneously updates displayed information and resource allocations.

Save time with greater efficiency

Minimize time spent coordinating tasks, benefit from automatic conflict resolution, and define and modify system rules as required with Amadeus RMS.

Reuse existing templates

Amadeus RMS reduces time spent coordinating tasks in the early scheduling stage by allowing existing templates to be used in the generation of new allocation scenarios.

Automatic conflict resolution

On request, Amadeus RMS provides automatic conflict resolution support and proposes resource allocation alternatives that are essentially conflict-free.

Identify user errors

During manual scheduling allocation, sophisticated plausibility checks ensure that user errors are recognized before a problem occurs.

Define and modify the system

Authorized users are able to define and modify the system, keeping operational rules current.

Product Highlights Amadeus RMS

Optimize the deployment of resources and avoid costly delays because of incomplete or inaccurate plans.

Access all of your resource information in one place.
Allocate resources more effectively for greater efficiency and quality of service.
Make short, medium, and long term resource allocation plans.
Identify and flag conflicts before receiving options for resolution.
Benefit from an intuitive and easy to use interface.
Easily modify system and define rules as required.

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