Amadeus Fixed Resource Management System (F-RMS)

Maximize the productivity of your existing resources, and remove the need for costly and complex site upgrades with Amadeus Fixed RMS.

Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS optimizes your airport to reduce delays, minimize costs and maximize revenues.


Do more with less

Airport expansions are expensive, complex, and not always possible due to geographic limitations. The alternative is Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS. It maximizes the performance of your existing infrastructure, allowing you do more with less.

Choose a complete fixed resource management solution

Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS gives you a complete overview of your fixed resources. It allows you to optimize them with custom business rules, multiple weighted KPIs, and automated planning. So you can maximize your resources’ performance and value.

Define KPIs and then achieve them

Key business objectives and performance targets are input into your Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS. So, you can plan operations in order to meet them – achieving more KPIs, more often.

Generate optimized plans with one click

Once KPIs have been inputted, Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS automatically generates optimized plans based on your business rules and goals. It can generate plans for one operational day, or several depending on your needs. All it takes is one click.

Get an overview of 1 day or 12 months

Using flight data from your AODB, Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS gives you in-depth visibility of every day’s activities, as well as a high level overview of seasonal plans for the next 12 months.

Maximize the value of every fixed resource

With optimized plans generated to meet your business’ unique KPIs, you can minimize waste and maximize the usage and value of every stand, gate, arrival baggage belt, and check-in counter.

Prioritize the KPIs which matter most

Manage and prioritize the needs of airlines, ground handlers, and passengers to meet your most important objectives with multiple, weighted KPIs.

Prioritize your most important KPIs

Not all business objectives are equal. That’s why we introduced multiple weighted KPIs. So you can prioritize the KPIs that matter most while minimizing those of lesser importance. This means your plans will always be optimized to meet the most important KPIs, first.

Assign value to each KPI based on importance

With multiple weighted KPIs, each KPI can be assigned a level of importance based on your main business objectives and performance targets.

Manage the needs of competing stakeholders

From airlines to ground handlers to passengers, airport operations depend upon the ability to manage the interests of several stakeholders. Do this without losing sight of the bigger picture with Amadeus Fixed RMS.

Focus on what matters most

With multiple weighted KPIs, you can focus on what matters most, your main business objectives while minimizing resources allocated to less important or non-priority activities.

Save time and money

Optimized plans make for more efficient operations and reduced wastage. This saves you time and money while enhancing the airport experience for customers.

Limit towing and reduce towing costs

Using Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS, aircraft can be easily allocated on stands close to their handling facilities. Additionally, the system generates towings automatically based on defined KPIs to streamline the towing plan. This means less towing is required, thereby reducing your towing costs.

Place more aircraft at contact stands

By optimizing stand allocation, you can place more aircraft in contact stands each day, thereby simplifying ground handling operations and reducing the need for buses to reach remote sites. This can save you money on both ground handling and bus costs.

Passengers stay in retail areas for longer

Optimized plans reduce the risk of delays. So passengers can spend less time waiting on the tarmac and more time shopping in retail areas, increasing revenue opportunities.

Speedier turnarounds with fewer delays

With optimized plans you can increase the speed of your turnarounds while reducing delays for airlines, resulting in a faster, more enjoyable airport experience for all travelers.

Enjoy a user interface that's easy to use

Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS has been designed with simplicity in mind. So your team can enjoy a user interface that’s simple to understand and easy to use.

Simple yet powerful user interface (UI)

Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS features a simple yet powerful UI. This allows for easy and effective operation with no downtime due to convoluted and needlessly-complex inputs.

High level of automation

Our Fixed RMS saves your team time by automating a wide range of formally manual inputs. This high level of automation expands throughout the system by optimizing the allocation plan and offering soft decision support to aid user decision making. This makes for a more automated solution.

Visualize your data with Gantt chart view

The dashboard Gantt chart view gives you a clear visual overview and complete situational awareness of all arrival belt, check-in, stand and gate allocations. This enables quick and decisive action to avert conflicts.

Switch to manual input as required

By giving the user the option of complete control on managing allocations using a configurable critical time window, users can manually control the system when needed.

Product Highlights Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS

Remove the need for costly and complex site upgrades by making the most of your existing infrastructure with Amadeus Fixed RMS.

Maximize the productivity and value of existing infrastructure.
Reduce the need for complex and costly site expansions.
Generate optimized plans with one click.
Prioritize your most important KPIs with multiple weighted KPIs.
Reduce operational costs and wasted resources with optimized planning.
Enjoy a simple yet powerful user interface that’s easy to use.
Get an overview of 1 day or 12 months.
Maximize the value and usage of every fixed resource.

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