Amadeus FIDS

Deliver the information travelers need, when they need it. Plus, supply them with targeted advertising content, which increases your revenues. 

Provide travelers with timely, accurate flight information and increase revenue with FIDS advertising.


Give travelers the flight information they need

Amadeus FIDS ensures that all relevant flight information is displayed in the right place, at the right time, in a format which is understandable to a diverse global audience. 

Recognized and used by travelers worldwide

FIDS are the universally recognized system for delivering flight information at the airport. They are used by travelers worldwide and are an essential component of any airport. Amadeus FIDS enhances this indispensable system with a range of key benefits.

Display a wide range of travel-related information

Amadeus FIDS can display flight, delay and boarding information, gate and baggage belt assignments, as well as other travel and tourist information, at any location around airport. 

Configure to match multiple languages and displays

Amadeus FIDS can be configured to multiple languages and is capable of handling any type of display media including: LCD or LED boards, plasma and TFT monitors.

Flexible to suit your requirements

Amadeus FIDS gives you complete flexibility over what information should appear where, when and how. Using the Page Editor tool, you can easily customize the display screens to suit your requirements.

Customize the look and feel of your FIDS

With Amadeus FIDS you can easily customize the language, layout and color of your system, so you get a FIDS that matches the look and feel of your airport and its branding.

Boost non-aeronautical revenues with advertising

You can also use your FIDS displays to run promotional videos or tourist information, opening up new revenue channels from advertising sales.

A simple staff terminal with lower training costs

Easy to operate with a web-based application for workstations, Amadeus FIDS allows for a faster start-up and lower training costs. 

Automatically update with information from your AODB

Amadeus FIDS pulls information from the airport operational data base (AODB) and automatically displays updates to flight information screens, departure gates and baggage belts in real-time. In a case of no data feed, the FIDS system automatically switches to default pages. 

Operate with our web-based staff-terminal system (WBST)

Our intuitive web-based staff terminal system (WBST) allows airline or airport staff to send updates to the FIDS displays. Additionally, WBST is browser-based, so it has a fast start-up time and low training costs.

Perform a variety of functions from our WBST

From our WBST, authorized users can perform a variety of functions including: opening or closing a gate, setting the check-in class, selecting a logo, setting the bag status, and displaying custom informational text.

Keep control your assets

A Monitor Health Check module gives you a high level of control and traceability over all the screens deployed. Similarly, a dashboard gives FIDS managers a real-time view of the status of all monitors in the terminal. 

Ensure you're covered, whatever happens

In the case of a failure, the Amadeus FIDS log viewer will enable the FIDS manager to retrieve all the last activities that were made on this particular screen before it failed, facilitating troubleshooting and ensuring a faster recovery.

Product Highlights Amadeus FIDS

Provide travelers with the information need, when they need it. Plus, supply them with targeted advertising and gain revenue from advertising sales. 

Recognized and used by travelers worldwide. 
Display a wide range of travel-related information. 
Configure to match multiple languages.
Customize to suit your requirements, branding, and systems. 
Boost non-aeronautical revenues with advertising sales. 
Automatically update with information from your AODB. 
Use a simple staff terminal with lower training costs. 

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