Amadeus Virtual Airfield Management System (VAMS)

Never be without visibility. Get safe, reliable, and live video of obstructed areas remotely with Amadeus Virtual Airfield Management System (VAMS).

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Simulate an out-the-window view

Whether because of geographical layout or temporary activities such as construction, full visibility from RAMP towers isn’t always possible. That’s where Amadeus VAMS’ video technology provides a powerful and cost-effective solution.

Use video to gain visibility of obstructed areas

Amadeus VAMS uses a series of video sensors to provide you with a live feed of obstructed areas. It simulates an out-the-window view for airport aprons, de-icing pads, and parking areas. Anywhere where traditional RAMP towers cannot see.

Live video gives you real-time visibility

Video feeds of obstructed areas are delivered in real-time, giving you a live feed of chosen locations. So you can monitor areas and respond to situations in real-time.

Get complete visibility from one workstation

All video feeds can be combined to provide a complete overview from one workstation. This gives your operators total visibility, all from one remotely-located workstation.

Ensure visibility in all weather

Amadeus VAMS gives you visibility in all weather conditions, including heavy glare, rain, and snow. This makes it ideal for locations where visibility is often low due to challenging weather conditions.

Made possible with Searidge Technologies

Amadeus VAMS leverages Searidge IntelliDAR™ systems to process video from a series of video sensors networked together to provide real-time positioning of targets in a given area.

Video captured by thermal cameras

Video is captured by thermal cameras, then processed using computer vision algorithms in order to provide non-cooperative target detection, continuous tracking, geospatial positioning, and a variety of target attributes enabling smooth aircraft hand-off from the runway to gates.

Consolidates multiple camera scenes into one

The Searidge ATC-Grade Video system intuitively consolidates multiple camera scenes into one simulated out-of-the-window view of the area of interest.

Uses visible and thermal cameras

Using both visible and thermal cameras with Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) functionality, Amadeus VAMS gives controllers full visual confirmation of the situation. So controllers can safely and effectively manage ground traffic with a high degree of confidence.

Integrates with airport surveillance data

Amadeus VAMS integrates Searidge IntelliDAR™ tracking data into existing airport surveillance data sources (such as ASDE-X or A-SMGCS) and is presented on the Amadeus aerial view display.

Product Highlights Amadeus VAMS

Get safe, reliable, and live video of obstructed areas remotely, and never be without visibility with Amadeus VAMS.

Gain visibility of obstructed areas with real-time video feeds of chosen locations.
View all video feeds from one workstation in one remote location.
Gives you visibility in all weather conditions including high glare, rain, or snow.
Safe and reliable video feeds ensure you always have visibility of obstructed areas.
Cutting-edge Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera functionality which allows every situation to be captured.
Provides real-time positioning of targets in any given area.
Scalable to grow with your operation.

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