Amadeus Passenger Verification

Ensure that every traveler airside is authorized to be there. Enhance airport security and prevent unauthorized access with Amadeus Passenger Verification.

Amadeus Passenger Verification enables a range of automated passenger checks, using up-to-date airline DCS data.


Verify each passenger with a seamless scan and go process

Scan and go. That’s all it takes to accurately verify that a passenger is cleared to enter airside. So you can ensure secure and speedy access.

Accurate verification at airport security gates

Amadeus Passenger Verification ensures only authorized travelers may enter airside by verifying their boarding pass against a range of checks. Thereby ensuring the traveler is at the right airport, for the right flight, and within the allocated time window.

Simple scan and go operation

One scan of a traveler’s boarding pass at the security gates. That’s all it takes to run a range of checks and to verify that the traveler is authorized to enter airside. It’s fast, easy, and most importantly, secure.

Prevent fraudulent entries

Amadeus Passenger Verification records entries at the security gate and alerts your security staff to potential fraud. For example, multiple travelers attempting to enter airside using duplicates of the one barcoded boarding pass.

Give security staff the tools they need

Your security staff can view all checks on a traveler’s boarding pass, as well as whether they are authorized to enter via a laptop display. So they can quickly and easily determine when to allow and when to deny access.

Integrates with your DCS to give you greater visibility

Amadeus Passenger Verification integrates with your DCS to leverage up-to-date airline data in order to make better operational decisions.

Make better go/no-go calls on flights

Should a passenger not arrive at their boarding gate at the allotted time, you can check if they have entered airside, thereby allowing you to better determine whether to delay the flight or to proceed without the passenger.

Perform checks at other touchpoints

Further checks can be made as a traveler’s boarding pass is swiped at other touchpoints.

Get real-updates on traveler movements

Each time a traveler’s boarding pass is scanned at a touchpoint, their information is updated, providing you with real-time data on the traveler’s location and activity.

Product Highlights Amadeus Passenger Verification

Prevent unauthorized entry, enhance airport security and ensure every traveler airside is authorized to be there with Amadeus Passenger Verification.

Ensure every traveler airside is authorized to be so.
Stop unauthorized or fraudulent entry to airside.
Ensure secure and speedy access with a simple scan and go process.
Give your security staff the tools they need to verify travelers.
Make better go/no-go calls on flights of no-show passengers.
Get real-time updates on traveler movements.

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