Amadeus Airport Link

To complement each solution, we offer Amadeus Airport Link - a range of connectivity products that deliver our solutions easily and cost-effectively. So your airport can connect to Amadeus without difficulty.

Select the connectivity option and equipment that best suits your business to access the Amadeus data center.


Ensure a secure and reliable connection

Most Amadeus solutions require secure connections from airport to Amadeus. Therefore, to support our customers, we offer a range of connectivity options. So you can rest assured that our solutions are always connected, securely and reliably.

Benefit from a more stable connection

Amadeus Airport Link ensures optimal operation of Altéa DC and other Amadeus products, minimizing disruptions due to communication failure and offering a more reliable connection.

Get a fully scalable connection

Links are customizable by airport with scalable bandwidth and no limit on the number of terminals per link. So, as you grow, your systems can too.

Managed by our industry experts

When you choose Amadeus Airport Link, you’ll be outsourcing the management of your communication network to our experienced and knowledgeable industry experts.

One stop shop for problem resolution

With Amadeus Airport Link, should a problem occur, Amadeus will be your ‘one stop shop’ for solution and connectivity support. There’s no need to be delayed further by having to call around multiple companies to find out where the problem lies.

Only available with Amadeus Solutions

Please note, Amadeus Airport Link products are only available for use with Amadeus solutions. They are not available separately.

Connections to suit every customer's needs, big or small

The Amadeus Airport Link suite offers a full range of connectivity options. These connections are suitable for supporting a full range of customer needs, big and small.

Amadeus Airport Link – Internet VPN

A simple, flexible, and cost-effective option, Amadeus Airport Link – Internet VPN provides Internet IPSEC VPN connectivity. It can also be used as an interim solution prior to a managed solution becoming available.

Amadeus Airport Link – Internet VPN+

Robust and powerful, Internet VPN+ is typically used to support critical operations. It is a significant upgrade over Internet VPN as Amadeus provides and manages equipment at both ends of the connection.

Amadeus Airport Link – Managed WAN

This is a managed WAN solution where we provide a dedicated private line, sourced from one of our trusted dedicated line suppliers. It is suitable for customers who most value high-availability and resiliency.

Amadeus Airport Link – Managed WAN+

An upgrade to the Managed WAN solution - this is where two dedicated private lines are provided. This is suitable for customers with very high-availability and resiliency requirements.

Amadeus Airport Link – Altéa

This is similar to the Managed Wan+ solution. However, it is specifically for Altéa customers only. So the service connectivity goes up to the airport workstation.

Amadeus Airport Link – Network Hosting

Also known as Colocation Services, in this case Amadeus hosts the line termination and customer network equipment on Amadeus premises.

Amadeus Airport Link – Custom Solutions

Do you have unique and specific requirements? At Amadeus, we can work with you to develop a custom solution to precisely meet your needs.

Standard internet = https

This is not a connectivity product provided by Amadeus, however please note that some Amadeus products can be accessed over open internet.

Product Highlights Amadeus Airport Link

Ensure a secure and stable connection between your airport and the Amadeus data center with Amadeus Airport Link.

Reduces communication costs.
You benefit from a more stable and secure connection.
Gives you a connection that is fully scalable.
Outsources the management of your communication network.
Your connections are managed by our industry experts.
Only available with other Amadeus solutions.
Product range to suit all needs, big and small.
Get a one stop shop for when problems occur.

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