Amadeus Traffic Analytics

Get useful insights into market share, competitor activity and traffic estimations to improve network planning and ensure fleet optimization. With a clear view on routes, carrier activity and passenger numbers, identify new opportunities and decide how best to optimize route planning across your network.

Get useful insights into market share, competitor activity and traffic estimations.


Monitor passenger traffic

Track the evolution of traffic over time, recording changes to market share at O&D and flight segment level. Gain competitor insights by cultivating a clear view of estimated passenger numbers and traffic share on routes and identify new opportunities on route openings, additional flights and increased flight capacity to optimize revenues.

Accurate data estimation

Passenger traffic data is estimated for full-service and low-cost carriers.

Business intelligence insights

Get business intelligence on traffic volumes, traffic share evolution, capacity share, passenger distribution across inline, interline and alliance flights, competitor activity, direct and indirect flight operations.

Improve operational efficiency

Access factual insights relating to passenger demand in order to evaluate any potential gain of adjusting flight capacity. Optimize your airline’s fleet to match network demand and build an efficient network design.

Data filtering

Apply data filtering at region, country, city and airport level, with customizable time ranges that can be specified for yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly data output

Single easy-to-use tool

Information is accessible online via the web-based Amadeus Travel Intelligence portal and reports that can be downloaded in .csv format for further analysis.

Evaluate partnerships

Review the needs and opportunities of codeshare or interline agreements.

Product Highlights Traffic Analytics

Amadeus Traffic Analytics provides an in-depth understanding of the market performance and identifies business opportunities using industry-wide data.

Get more informed decision-making with improved operational efficiency and optimize your network design.
Apply data filtering, including customizable time ranges, with a web-based tool that is accessible online.
Monitor passenger traffic, gaining competitor insights with an accurate data estimation that gives a clear view of traffic data.
Identify new business opportunities with a business intelligence tool that gives you extensive information on multiple variants.
Evaluate your partnerships by being able to review the needs and opportunities of codeshare or interline agreements.

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