Amadeus Ticketing Platform

Our value-adding services packaged into a single e-ticket management platform, providing sophisticated payment and ticket change products. This includes our Central Ticketing Server (CTS), e-Ticket Server (ETS) and our e-ticketing network.

Compile our many value-adding services into one single e-ticket management platform.


Reduce cost of sales

Implement and maintain new e-ticket interlining links and leverage our industry-leading e-ticketing network.

Issue e-Tickets in direct and GDS channels

Accommodate any scenario according to airline interline agreements and provide receipt documents as needed.

Support all industry transactions

Exchange, refund, void, cancel, display document and display history, with full integration with Amadeus Ticket Changer.

Stock management

Make simple entries to load stock control numbers, display document bank and delete or adjust a stock range.

Maximize revenue generation

Reach new market opportunities faster and enhance customer service with our multi-channel platform that facilitates e-Ticket distribution through global distribution systems.

Control coupons

Use functionalities such as get/redirect/recall airport control, to force coupon status changes and the transmission of a coupon to the Departure Control System (DCS).

Full reporting

Report full e-Ticket data with a choice of format and delivery options to facilitate accounting procedures.

Ticketing configuration manager

A new setup platform which allows airlines to monitor and update ticketing settings at any time.

Customizable e-Ticket receipt

Personalize with airline logo, text, fonts and colors via a web-based user interface.

Product Highlights Amadeus Ticketing Platform

Our comprehensive e-ticket management package, utilizing a number of Amadeus’ value-adding services in a single, concentrated platform.

Maximize revenue by uncovering and capitalizing on new market opportunities as soon as possible.
Implement new e-ticket interlining links and take advantage of our industry-leading e-ticketing network.
Remove the need for passengers to queue at the airport to collect paper documents, providing a more streamlined travel experience for your travelers.
Issue e-tickets in both direct and GDS channels and provide customizable receipt documents as needed.
Enjoy full integration with Amadeus Ticket Changer and support for all industry transactions (exchange, refund, void and more).
Force coupon status changes and transmit coupons to your Departure Control System (DCS) when necessary.

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