Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary

Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary lets you reissue, and refund tickets in a few simple steps. By working fast to resolve the disruption, there will be less impact on passengers, leading to a better all-round experience. Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary Online will empower your customers to re-book their own flights from a range on alternatives.

Reissue and refund tickets in a few simple steps, enhancing your customer service by responding to disruption quickly and efficiently.



Streamline processes

Automatic re-issuance or refund reduces the workload of call center and airport staff, leaving more time to focus on handling other customer queries. The time saved is even greater when passengers use the online product to re-book their flights.

No change or cancellation fees

All tickets become exchangeable end refundable, and reissues and refunds are processed free of charge for the passengers.

Disruption policy integration

Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary Online will take into account the disruption policies you have defined during the re-issuance process.


Support Amadeus/Non-Amadeus e-Tickets

Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary is available for all e-tickets, whether they are issued by Amadeus or another provider.

Altéa Integration

This product can also be integrated in more global flows tackling involuntary scenarios: Disruption Transfer in Altéa DCS solution and Enhanced Re-accommodation in Altéa Inventory solution.

No process fee

Reissues and refunds are processed free of charge for the passengers and an indicator is included in the new ticket to show the reason for the disruption.

Multiple triggering options

Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary can be triggered by your ticketing agents as well as by e-Ticket Synchroniser - Mass Reissue.

Get better Productivity

Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary Online manages the re-issuance of flight tickets and EMDs linked to ancillary services, via Amadeus Service Changer (ASC) Involuntary.

Product Highlights Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary

We allow you to reissue tickets in a few simple steps, offering rapid response to disruptions and enhance customer experience.

Reduce processing time from 10 minutes to just a few seconds.
Comprehensive integration across automated / global flows, tackling involuntary scenarios.
Improve customer experience by processing very quickly reissues free of charge.
Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary supports all e-tickets, not simply those issued by Amadeus.

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