Amadeus SkySYM by Optym

A new-generation simulation system that creates more robust airline schedules which can easily withstand day-to-day disruptions due to weather, unplanned maintenance activities, and crew or flight delays.

Measure the operational performance of flight schedules.



Greater customer satisfaction

More robust schedules will result in fewer flight delays, fewer passengers missing their connections, fewer baggage delays, and overall greater customer satisfaction.

Improve on-time performance

The system gives weight to both profitability and reliability objectives while evaluating schedules to generate flight patterns with better on-time performances.

Reduce operational costs

Airlines spend hundreds of millions of dollars over and above their planned costs due to various unplanned disruptions. SkySYM’s robust scheduling system will reduce disruptions, along with their associated costs.


Hot spot detection

SkySYM’s hot spot detection feature helps determine the root causes of flight delays, identifying flights that cause cascading delays and aircraft routes that are prone to frequent delays. The system provides recommendations for schedule improvements by adding slack where it is needed most.

Automatic model calibration

A simulation system typically requires business parameters, updated manually by the user, to keep the system calibrated. SkySYM receives periodic data feeds from an airline’s databases and updates these parameters automatically, eliminating the manual task of rebuilding the model.

Advanced user experience

Built with collaboration and optimal efficiency in mind, SkySYM is a multi-user, multi-scenario system that facilitates cooperative decision-making: analyzing data inputs, running simulations, and disseminating solutions from different perspectives, minimizing manual effort.

Product Highlights Amadeus SkySYM by Optym

Evaluate the reliability of possible flight schedules options in terms of efficiency, operational costs and end-user experience.

Increase the customer satisfaction with more robust schedules.
Advanced user experience with tools to keep manual constrain to a minimum.
Evaluate schedules and generate flight patterns with better on-time performance.
Reduce operational costs with an automatic calibration model that updates data feeds automatically.
Determine the root causes of flight delays and pick up on frequently disrupting flights with hot-spot detection.
Schedule improvements by adding slack where needed.

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