Amadeus SkyMAX

Determine the best times for each flight to trade-off non-stop and connecting revenue, match fleet capacity with demand to minimize spill across the entire network, and honor operational constraints to generate a flyable schedule.

Revolutionary clean-sheet scheduling can maximize your revenue.


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Maximized profitability

Amadeus SkyMAX balances network profitability and operational constraints to find the best times and allocate the right aircraft to each flight in the schedule, unlocking tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in extra revenue.

Improved aircraft utilization

Planners can develop more effective schedules that increase aircraft utilization by simultaneously adding a combination of fleeting and timing changes to the schedule.

Faster schedule generation

Allow network planners to perform a variety of what-if scenarios and customize schedules to fit each airline’s unique objectives. The system automatically builds flight schedules that satisfy all operational constraints so that manual effort is minimized.

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Clean-sheet scheduling mode

Amadeus SkyMAX is the first software solution that offers clean-sheet scheduling, automatically building a schedule from scratch. The system optimizes flight departure times, fleet type assignments, and aircraft routings simultaneously – a task once thought impossible.

Improvement mode

Amadeus SkyMAX can also improve upon an existing flight schedule’s profitability while satisfying all operational constraints.

Evaluation mode

Given a flight schedule, Amadeus SkyMAX generates itineraries, calculates passenger flows, and calculates all financial key performance indicators (KPIs).

Automatic correction of constraint rules

Unlike other optimizers, Amadeus SkyMAX has the ability to both detect infeasibilities and automatically adjust the input constraints to resolve these infeasibilities.

Advanced user experience (UX)

Amadeus SkyMAX is a multi-user, multi-scenario system that facilitates real-time decision-making, enabling users to monitor various optimization jobs from different perspectives and analyze them using tables, charts, maps, and route views.

Product Highlights Amadeus SkyMAX

Flight schedule optimization to minimize spill, while working within operational constraints to deliver a flyable schedule.

Maximize profitability with network planners able to work on optimizing multiple scenarios and schedules.
Improvement mode for your scheduling that simultaneously satisfies all operational constraints.
Evaluate and generate all key data, such as itineraries and KPIs, for better aircraft utilization.
Clean-sheet scheduling to automatically build schedules from scratch.
Automatic correction of constraint rules to detect and resolve potential problems early on.

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