Amadeus Selling Platform Connect for Airlines

Get complete transparency and increased control on how your content is displayed in the Amadeus distribution channel. Review your content through the eyes of an Amadeus travel agent, and verify that your brand is consistently deployed in the indirect channel.

Get complete transparency on how your content is displayed in across your channels.


Review and ensure consistency

Ensure a consistent brand, product and services deployment across all of your channels.

Control your brand deployment

Review how timetables, schedules, availability, merchandising and other flight-related information are displayed to Amadeus travel agents.

Get the insider’s view

See how your airline’s content is displayed to travel agents in the Amadeus distribution channel.

Dynamic Ancillary Services

See how ancillaries are displayed and sold in the Dynamic Ancillary Services catalogue, and view any associated rich content.

Fare Families display

Verify how Airline Fare Families are displayed, and how these are upsold by travel agents when booking a flight.

Promotion displays

View how airline advertising banners and other promotional items are displayed.

Product Highlights Amadeus Selling Platform Connect for Airlines

Get thorough insight into your brand presence through your travel agents’ eyes via an easy-to-use interface. Ensure that your business is coming across in the right way.

Ensure consistent brand deployment across channels.
Control how your travel offers, ancillary services and fare families are displayed.
Completely web-based, access from any device or browser.
Get access to both graphical user interface & cryptic mode

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