Amadeus Search Analytics

Extract useful insights into the most searched routes, which travel periods are the most popular, how far in advance searches are performed and the trip duration. Personalize your offering and adapt marketing campaigns to travelers' preferred destinations and dates.

Extract useful insights into the most searched routes, popular travel periods and more.


Tailor product offers to destination trends

Use online traveler searches to provide a clear view on the most popular routes and favorite destinations of internet users.

Improve investment efficiency

Optimize search engine marketing investment by focusing on the most popular destinations in each market and personalize offers to destination trends.

Safeguard competitive position

Stay ahead of the competition with access to unique knowledge of searches made to a specific destination and an understanding of travel date patterns

Enhance customer experience

Adapt landing pages of the destinations travelers search for the most, enhancing customer experience and increasing online conversion rates. Additionally, you can adjust and optimize the timing of pricing promotions considering traveler intentions.

Extensive data pool

Search data is taken from over 150 million daily online searches, stored in Amadeus Master Pricer (low-fare search tool). Four dashboards provide reports on the most popular routes, travel period search activity, changes to O&D search results over time and variations in popularity for places/routes.

Better data filtering

Built-in filters provide different methods of extracting search results (e.g. weekend filter provides a view of advance searches for weekend getaways).

Easy online access

Access Amadeus Search Analytics directly from the Amadeus online Airline Travel Intelligence portal.

Downloadable reports

Information fed in the tool is updated weekly and can be downloaded in .csv format for further analysis.

Product Highlights Search Analytics

Amadeus Search Analytics reveals where, when and for how long customers plan to travel, enabling you to improve the return on investment of your marketing campaigns.

Safeguard a competitive position with access to unique knowledge of searches and travel date patterns with built in data filtering to provide different methods for extracting results.
Optimize search engine marketing investment with an extensive data pool from over 150 million daily online searches with four dashboards providing a wide variety of information.
Enhance the customer experience by adapting landing pages by personalizing offers and pricing promotions according to destination trends and traveler intentions.
Easily access search analytics online from the Airline Travel Intelligence portal with downloadable reports also available, updated weekly, for further analysis.

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