Amadeus Schedule Recovery

Core solution for operations control centers to track and manage flight operations. Visualize flight operations in real time, understand the implication of schedule disruptions to crew, airport slots, maintenance and passenger service objectives. You can put recovery actions into effect, with optimization features for fast and efficient decisions that deliver the best levels of customer service.

By smarter strategic decisions with the ability to visualize flight operations in real-time, helping you understand the impact of schedule changes on both staff and customer.



Greater operational efficiency

Calculate recommendations based on every possible variable, with optimization features recommending the most efficient decisions.

Deep business integration

Integrate your airline’s commercial considerations into operational decision making, while taking into account crew, maintenance and passenger data and constraints.


Personalize based on the unique requirements and priorities of your airline, such as Key Performance Indicators definition and operational constraints.

User-friendly interface

Get an efficient and effective user interface, driven by a design philosophy of “Management by Exception”. Users can define, modify and implement business rules in real time.

Heighten customer experience

Reduce the impact of flight delays and disruptions by providing optimal response recommendations. Place customers at the heart of operational decision-making, limiting the impact of unforeseen delays and facilitating the best possible travel experience.

Protect your revenue

Identify and prioritize your most valuable customers, safeguarding existing revenue and limiting the financial impact of delays.

Reduce Air Traffic Control delays

Integrate your operational slot data, with the ability to optimize slot usage via automated interactions with Air Traffic Control slot management platforms.

Analytical platform

Comprehensive data storage including cause and effect tracking enables deep understanding of airline operations.

Business Laptop


Airport resource tracker

Track the usage of constrained airport resources to ensure that operations control decisions are truly able to be implemented in practice. You can enable airlines to minimize delays resulting from limited availability of operational landing/departure slots.

Schedule Tracker

Enable airline operations controllers to visualize flight operations in real-time instead of the airline schedule. Understand the implication of schedule disruptions to crew, maintenance and passenger services, then decide and put into effect recovery actions such as delaying or cancelling flights.

Schedule Optimizer

Deliver schedule recovery recommendations by using automation and optimization techniques, driven by a comprehensive and customizable cost model. Build on top of the Schedule Manager module of Amadeus Schedule Recovery, or you can integrate with solutions from equivalent vendors other than Amadeus.

Product Highlights Amadeus Schedule Recovery

Provides optimal recommendations in the event of unforeseen delays or disruptions, enabling you to improve schedule reliability, safeguard customer experience and protect revenue.

Improve schedule reliability by providing optimal recommendations and put travelers at the crux of decision-making to heighten the customer experience.
Utilize your resources better with recommendations on every possible variable for greater efficiency with a user-friendly interface.
Benefit from full integration in the operational decision-making and is customizable based on the airline’s priorities.
Protect your revenue by identifying your most valuable customers, making their experiences top priority and safeguarding existing dividends.

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