Amadeus Schedule Analytics

Monitor the market share of all carriers, the number of competitors operating a city pair and any schedule changes to arriving and departing flights. Access updated data weekly and analyse performance by airline, region, country, city and airport level.

Optimize planning for your airline’s network operations with single-view scheduling.


Monitor your market

Detect changes to flights’ schedules, aircraft type, capacity offered and more, for specific routes and access a clear view of all carriers’ schedules across networks.

Comprehensive data analysis

Data can be analyzed for historical, current and future flight schedules.

Extensive schedule data

Schedule data is gathered from full-service carriers and low-cost carriers.

Improve planning & efficiency

Utilize information on city pair capacity to optimize flight schedules and aircraft allocation. Implement network or schedule changes to improve operational efficiency and identify new route openings.

Get in-depth reports

Provide business intelligence on capacity share of top flight segments per airline; number of competitors operating each route; schedule slots in/out airport hubs; changes to schedule planning for a given date range, details on aircraft type, capacity and operating days.

Single easy-to-use platform

Web-based, intuitive tool accessed from the Amadeus Airline Travel Intelligence portal with downloadable information in .csv format for further analysis.

Product Highlights Schedule Analytics

Amadeus Schedule Analytics optimizes planning of your airline’s network operations with a single view of schedules and capacity from across the industry.

Gain competitor insights on flight schedules or specific routes with extensive schedule data gathered from both full-service and low-cost carriers.
Access enhanced market monitoring with a clear view of schedules across networks with comprehensive data analysis which can be analyzed for historical, current and future flight schedules.
Evaluate opportunities better with improved planning and operational efficiency to implement network or schedule changes where necessary, with the possibility identifying new routes.
Provide in-depth reports on business intelligence with multiple different factions; including details on aircraft type, capacity, operating days and available seat kilometers per city pair, all accessible via the Amadeus Airline Travel Intelligence.

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