Amadeus Revenue Integrity

Forecast and manage revenue with greater accuracy, eliminating the distribution costs of non-productive bookings. Analyze relevant information from various sources and minimize revenue leakage across the passenger service chain.

Get advanced and accurate real-time forecasting and management of your revenue.


Maximize revenue and eliminate distribution costs

Optimize revenues by reducing on-productive booking and reselling empty seats at the best possible fare, in compliance with your Revenue Management and Origin & Destination policies.


Work across highly flexible and customizable business rules with the ability to intuitively search and review logs of actions taken, identify trends and sources of abusive behavior.

Streamline across multiple PNRs

Identify sophisticated and unique fuzzy name matching, such as alternative spellings, to minimize unnecessary creation of alternate travel plans within and across multiple PNRs.

Manage check-in

Prevent check-in when coupons are not used in sequence or when an additional collection fee applies.

Cancel down line space

Suspend e-ticket coupons as a result of no-shows.

Protect revenue

Leverage a number of cutting-edge features designed to reinforce your revenue integrity.

Manage the group Fulfillment process

Ensure groups don’t withhold seats that they may not use.

Expert consultancy

Access expert support from our service-oriented team.

Control financial risk

Limit or block the sales of entire markets or individual agencies in risky or fraudulent situations. Keep control of any agency with flexible rates of sale and real-time alerts. Prevent fraudulent seat protection by inhibiting association of one e-ticket in multiple PNRs.

Automate and optimize resources

The highly flexible platform allows you to customize revenue integrity processes.

Automatically reevaluate or reissue e-Tickets

Report unmatched e-tickets with fare restrictions.

Set time limits

Send agent reminders in a timely manner for ticketing of reservations.

Product Highlights Amadeus Revenue Integrity

Optimize revenue dilution across the passenger service chain and increase profitability by up to 3% with Amadeus Revenue Integrity.

Resell empty seats at the optimal fare in full compliance with your Revenue Management and Origin & Destinations policies.
Limit non-productive booking costs by reducing no-show rates and last minute cancellations.
Safeguard your revenue and ensure passengers comply with the original conditions of their purchase.
Customize your revenue integrity processes as and when it is necessary.
Communicate effectively with your agents using timely reminders relating to the ticketing of reservations.
Eliminate bookings with fake names, controlling name changes and managing your PNR more effectively.
Minimize unnecessary creation of alternate travel plans across multiple PNRs.
Prevent groups from holding onto seats they may not use and report unmatched e-tickets with fare restrictions.
Stop check-in if coupons are not used in sequences or if an additionally collection fee applies.
Customize business rules and intuitively review logs of actions taken, identifying the sources of abusive behavior.

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