Amadeus Passenger Recovery

Amadeus Passenger Recovery can analyze multiple flight disruptions and optimize the end-to-end transfer of passengers with greater speed and efficiency, taking into account each traveler's itinerary and his/her overall value.

Analyze multiple flight disruptions and optimize the end-to-end transfer of passengers with greater speed and efficiency.



Protect your brand

Handle both minor and major disruptions with speed and efficiency, helping to preserve brand integrity.

Customer loyalty

Prioritize the rebooking of high value passengers onto the best alternative flight options available.

Safeguard revenue

Optimize revenues by balancing the load between high-yield seat sales (e.g. business, last-minute) and re-accommodation obligations.

Streamline recovery process

Centralize disruption handling, cut costs and enhance operations.


Customized optimization templates

Define several recovery templates based on their individual traits and policies to apply and compare different optimization strategies. This includes rebooking passengers onto other carrier flights when required. Balance the convenience and cost of re-accommodation for each category of passengers.

Get control with simulation and manual review

The dynamic user interface uses a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard, enabling airlines to review and compare various optimization scenarios. The results can also be exported to excel for further analysis and you can review the proposed re-accommodation plans at itinerary and passenger level.

Full integration in Altéa

Be fully integrated into Altéa modules, whereby Amadeus manages the interactions across all components involved in the process: Schedule, Reservation, Inventory, Ticketing, DCS, passenger notification and other airline systems, letting pre-defined settings and policies be automatically incorporated.

Product Highlights Amadeus Passenger Recovery

The automated solution that utilizes real-time information to provide a streamlined response to unforeseen flight disruptions, safeguarding brand perception.

Streamline recovery process with a high performance capacity to handle mass re-accommodation in minimal time.
Fully integrated with other Altéa products to help protect your brand’s integrity, handling all disruptions with ease and speed.
Use an intuitive, user friendly interface, including KPI dashboards and optimization templates to compare and apply different strategies before triggering the recovery plan.
Cultivate customer loyalty to streamline the re-booking process and increase the high-value customer prioritization.
Protect revenue by maximizing seat capacity on all available flights with high yield sales.
Amadeus Passenger Recovery is a web-based interface which is quick and easy to deploy.

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