Amadeus Negotiated Space

Introducing an automated, flexible and customizable block space management tool designed to enhance airline and wholesalers' business relationships. After commercial agreement, your designated agents are able to book seats from blocks or allotments secured in advance.

Take advantage of automated, flexible and customizable block space management.


Built with user-friendliness in mind

Amadeus Negotiated Space allows the best possible block space management for your business. The tool was designed to provide a user-friendly, intuitive experience.

Synchronization blocks and PNRs

We synchronize live blocks and associated PNRs with you to ensure we're always working off the same information.

Sell faster and more effectively

Quickly sell from your blocks without having to learn special formats.

Enhanced operations with complete integration

Amadeus Negotiated Space fully integrates with our ticketing and pricing functionalities.

Neutral availability

It is possible to integrate block inventory into neutral availability displays.

Product Highlights Amadeus Negotiated Space

Strengthen your business relationships with automated and customizable block space management.

Optimize block space management via an easy to use, intuitive product.
Synchronize live blocks with relevant PNRs shared between participating airlines and Amadeus.
Streamline the sales process without the need to understand special formats.
Take advantage of full integration with Amadeus' PNR, ticketing and pricing functionalities.

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