Amadeus Name Change Controller

Control travel agents' ability to perform name changes on reservations with Amadeus Name Change Controller. Utilize a flexible business rules system and reduce speculative bookings made either to secure preferential fares or to circumvent your name change fees.

Control travel agents' ability to perform name changes on reservation.


Exercise greater control and reduce costs

Gain control of all name elements (first name, last name, passenger type code) and implement real- time fraud or misuse prevention.

Ensure the passenger booking is the passenger booking

Restrict any ability to circumvent name change fees and ensure the passenger booking the space is the one traveling.

Automated name changes

Take advantage of automated name changes, removing the need for manual service and eliminating the risk of human errors.

Configurable business rules

Highly configurable business rules help agencies adapt to your airline policy and permit exceptions. Amadeus Name Change Controller uses agent, flight and PNR contexts to identify and apply relevant rules.

Separate rules for individuals and groups

Utilize two sets of rules so that policies for individual and group sales can be clearly separated. The rules are applied at segment level. In a complex itinerary (same or different carriers), the most restrictive policy applies to the whole PNR.

Product Highlights Amadeus Name Change Controller

With name change control in your hands, you can drastically reduce inconsistency and fraudulent bookings.

Control all name elements and automate the name change process, removing the need for manual servicing and the risk of human error.
Ensure name change fees are paid and the passenger making the booking is the passenger making the journey.
Utilize agent, flight and PNR contexts to accurately identify and instigate relevant rules.
Leverage two separate sets of rules, one specifically for individuals and the other for groups, enabling adaptability in response to airline policies and permit exceptions.

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