MetaConnect Network

Take advantage of a single point of entry connecting a previously fragmented global market through one-click contractual agreements. MetaConnect Network helps you connect with new travel partners and facilitate commercial agreements.

Allow airlines, Travel Media or Metasearch companies to connect in an affiliate network model, and easily access each other's content.



Optimize strategies on a partner-by-partner basis.

You'll gain full flexibility to determine adjust business approach with each metasearch partner, in every market.

A global network of affiliates is waiting to connect

Apply and manage your commercial logic, contract and settlement plans with multiple small/medium sized metas around the world through a single entry point.

Harness our advanced technology for optimized services

You’ll be up and running in no time and at no extra cost. Once everything’s ready to go, monitor and track your booking performance, adjusting your approach for optimal results.


Affordable deployment, setup and maintenance

Search functionality is set up and maintained at no implementation cost or effort for the airline. Additionally, rapid deployment and full scalability will help you manage high-traffic peaks.

Share up to date booking offers across all metas

Deep link ensures highly accurate and bookable flight content is provided to all metas. This helps potential customers see the offers you want them to.

Monitor, track and report

Performance monitoring tools make tracking, reporting, settlement and payment easy.

Single global entry point

Allow the access to one unique commercial entry point for travel providers registered in the network.

Maintain control across the entire booking process

Airlines retain full control over the booking chain and which products are offered to the customer.

Product Highlights Amadeus MetaConnect Network

Access an affiliate network model to efficiently be able to provide content from around the world.

Manage business relationships and ensure accurate, bookable offers while reducing IT costs.
Get more reach with all of your airline's plans with multiple metas around the world accessible from one place.
A unique technology that increases your revenues with an efficient market scope.
Benefit from partnerships with global airlines and metasearch, all integrated into one single platform.

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