Amadeus Married Segment Control

Prevent agents bypassing availability controls, based on Origin and Destination (O&D) information with Amadeus Married Segment Control. Featuring revenue maximization tool to improve both your load factors and revenue forecasting accuracy.

Prevent agents bypassing availability controls, based on Origin and Destination (O&D) information.


Prevent Origin and Distribution misuse

Improve the precision of your forecasting by preventing O&D misuse and matching revenue forecasts with final revenues. This ensures consistency of sales processes by controlling travel agent selling behavior.

Control Logic & Traffic Restrictions

Leverage Amadeus Control Logic and Traffic restrictions for greater control over agency sales processes.

Customization and flexibility

Amadeus Married Segment Control is fully customizable and flexible built to fulfil your unique system requirements.

Interactive married segment control

Control marriage conditions in individual airlines' inventory and between airlines sharing the same inventory.

Teletype married segment control

Report any changes in married segment control conditions at any time using the industry standard teletype messages.

Manual married segment control

Conditions are established dissolved manually.

Product Highlights Amadeus Married Segment Control

Utilize effective forecasting to ensure that your decisions are correctly implemented across the entire booking process.

Prevent O&D misuse and match forecasts with final revenues to ensure consistency across sales all processes.
Exercise greater control over travel agent selling behavior with Amadeus Control Logic and Travel restrictions.
Fulfil your unique system requirements with a flexible and fully customizable product.
Take advantage of a range of segment control modules including interactive, teletype and manual married control segments.

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