Amadeus Loyalty Management

Travelers are increasingly solicited by competing airline loyalty programs, which means that keeping customers loyal to your brand is a constant challenge. Generate and maintain brand loyalty by making offers and promotions that meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

Generate and maintain brand loyalty by making offers and promotions for customers.


Give your customers more

Boost ancillary revenues by developing your loyalty program as a marketable brand. Amadeus Loyalty Management enables you to launch unlimited numbers of rule-based, targeted promotions to engage loyalty amongst program members.

Personalize customer offerings

Capture and store every transaction made by a member: from flights to partner activities or website log-ins. This provides you with a wealth of intelligence for developing and defining marketing and sales initiatives.

Comprehensive and centralized data repository

Full demographic and contact information for each member including hobbies, lifestyle or family links, preferences, special requirements, member card details and status.

Communications with members

Full communication history stored featuring email, web, SMS and fax integration. Access a comprehensive set of standard and configurable templates with multi-language support, configurable user interfaces, a dedicated member portal and a mobile app.

Reinforce your brand

By maintaining quality service and anticipating future developments in the market, you can generate additional profit by managing the purchase of redemption inventory from a limitless number of potential partner airlines. Acquire new loyalty program members from online channels or through your partners.

Airline partner management

All accrual, retroactivity, redemption and billing procedures are handled automatically without any manual intervention. Amadeus Loyalty Management provides real-time data exchange between partner systems via web services.

Non-airline partner management

Fully automatic data exchange and billing procedures for non-airline partners with multi-format support and a dedicated partner portal.

Tier and points management

Amadeus Loyalty Management provides several accrual calculation methods for air/non-air accrual (including alliance and non-alliance partnerships). Manage redemption flights/points, points exchanges, points expiry, upgrades and vouchers.

Integrate your systems

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems as well as with those of other airlines, alliances, as well as both air/non-air partners and service providers.

Promotions management

Run multiple, targeted promotions simultaneously with automated promotion alerts and built-in performance measurement.

Reporting and decision support

Standard and customizable reports available via export to spreadsheet, PDF and HTML formats.

Product Highlights Amadeus Loyalty Management

Amadeus Loyalty Management helps you maintain customer loyalty with confidence, agility and efficiency.

Give your customers more with personalized customer offerings, providing you with the perfect tools for targeted promotions and boosting sales.
Use a comprehensive and centralized data repository which gives a full view of each member and gives your business the best understanding in defining marketing and sales initiatives.
Keep your members engaged with a white label member portal along with configurable user interfaces and multi-language support on full communication history.
Stay connected with your members through a white label mobile app enabling fast track enrolment and quick access to loyalty program anytime, anywhere.
Better your brand with quality service and management of both airline and non-airline partners, who are handled automatically for efficiency and with real-time data exchange.
Manage redemption and multiple accrual calculation methods effortlessly, with standard and customizable reports also available via export in different formats.
Work with a system that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems as well as those of your current and future airline partners and service providers.

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