Amadeus Interactive Sell

Ensure that anytime a traveler makes a booking request, a reliable status response is returned in real-time. The booking is then confirmed, waitlisted or rejected instantly based on the status provided, helping to provide an optimized, enhanced service.

Take advantage of automated, flexible and customizable block space management.


React in real-time

Optimize your distribution sales strategy by reacting in real-time to market demand. You can customize responses based on detailed requester information, helping you deliver a targeted service to your customers.

Access all the information you need, whenever you need it

Together with the details of the product(s) requested by your travel agent partners, we can provide airlines with information, such as point-of-sale details, origin and destination (full or partial).

Help agents provide the exceptional level of service you want them to

Ensure your travel partners can deliver a superior level of service to your end-customers. Our solution provides immediate confirmation that a sell request is accepted or denied.

Automatic PNR updates

Upon PNR completion, Amadeus automatically sends the PNR wrap-up message with the associated Amadeus record locator.

Build a reputation of reliability

Avoid overbookings and build customer satisfaction. But that's not all, reliable up-to-date seating availability allows you to increase repeat bookings too.

Real-time queries

Before any PNR transaction is completed, we send you real-time queries with an interactive inventory adjustment message.

Product Highlights Amadeus Interactive Sell

Optimize distribution with real-time responses to booking requests while reducing overbookings.

Implement distribution sales in response to real-time market demand.
Access point-of-sale, origin and destination data for improved business planning.
Deliver a superior service to your end customer with automatic PNR updates.
Up-to-date availability and real-time queries before any PNR transaction helps avoid mistakes or over-bookings.

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