Amadeus Interactive Seat Map

Deliver a superior level of service to travelers by displaying accurate, real-time seat information. With point-of-sale and frequent flyer data, you can also offer targeted responses to high-yield customers.

Ensure that anytime a traveler makes a booking request, a reliable status response is returned in real-time.


Use dynamic pricing to target high-yield customers

Customize seat maps dynamically using Frequent Flyer information and other criteria. When used in conjunction with Ancillary Services, the price of the seat can also be displayed in the seat map.

Amadeus Ancillary Servicers integration

Used in conjunction with Ancillary Services, the price of the seat can be displayed in the seat map.

Provide travelers with real-time seat availability

Provide customers with seat choices based on accurate, real-time availability. This will help travelers avoid overbooking issues and ensure they always have access to the latest seating information.

Real-time functionality

Our solution shares real-time seat mapping information with your distribution network for all seat types - including chargeable seat products.

Product Highlights Amadeus Interactive Seat map

Deliver an excellent service to your valued customers with real-time, accurate seat information.

Leverage a dynamic, customizable seating map for enhanced operational efficiency.
Provide travelers with accurate, real-time seat availability.
Supports all seating types, including chargeable seat products.
Amadeus Ancillary Services can be used to integrate prices into the seating map.

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