Amadeus Interactive Advance Seat Reservation

Allow travelers to request specific seats in real-time. For high-yield customers, our solution provides personalized seat allocation with preferred seating pre-selection. Point-of-sale and Frequent Flyer information can be provided for more accurate and targeted responses to loyal high-yield customers.

Implement superior service delivery and provide high-value travelers with personalized seat allocation.


Respond to requests in real-time

You are free to accept or deny requests in real-time and address requests immediately. You can also limit customer data errors thanks to real-time data validation.

Real-time seat reservation

Decide whether to make preferred seats and group seat reservations available to your distribution network.

Code sharing between partners

Code sharing allows you to easily route requests to your marketing partners.

Grow and maintain customer loyalty

Upsell preferred seating options and improve service to high-yield customers. Indicate preferred seating and tailor other seating options based on customer value as defined by your airline policy.

Personalize your offer

Passenger loyalty data can be used to offer tailored packages to high-yield travelers.

Product Highlights Amadeus Interactive Advance Seat Reservation

Respond to high-yield traveler requests in real-time and keep high-value customers happy.

Increase your control with the ability to share code with your marketing partner of choice.
Limit customer data errors thanks to real-time data validation.
Increase customer retention and upsell preferred seating options to high-yield customers.
Use passenger loyalty data to offer tailored travel packages.

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