Amadeus Instant Search for Airlines

Be more present in the inspirational stages of digital travelers’ journey. With dynamic, rich and accurate fares, it will attract more people to your airline website, and thus, will maximize your chance of converting online presence into increased revenues.

Be more present in the inspirational stages of digital traveler's journey.



Streamline your SEO

Drive more business directly to your online channel with a higher page ranking, meaning you'll get more customers to your website who are interested in the fare offers you've displayed. 

Turn 'lookers' into 'bookers' 

Attractive fares will encourage more click through to your website. Once you have captured the interest of potential passengers, it is easier to keep them on your website and convert them into customers. 

Stand out from the crowd

Passengers have too much choice when it comes to finding air fares. You can make it simple for them by promoting a flight offer on a landing page or banner which can then be instantly booked on your website.

Reduce time to market

Reach out customers you want to reach with a diverse system that easily organizes your offers. Control all levels of direction with multiple parameters.

Optimize your digital journey

Provide your marketers with a promotion management tool to boost your sales. Source special offer fares from the Instant Search for Airlines, and implement targeted marketing campaigns across your online channels.


Instant Search for Airlines

Deploy and scale your system, cope with exponential growth of search transactions with a sub-second response time, high accuracy and the possibility to integrate airline partners, including groups, alliances and codeshares.

Instant Search UI outputs

Use the web-based UI to define offers, manage all content, media and parameters with capability to create new offers in mass. You can control the end user redirection to Amadeus Flex Pricer and e-Retail flow.

Deploy and scale your system quickly

Leverage our off-the-shelf solution to plug into your site using a JSON API. Deploy within a few weeks without complicated integration with your back-end systems.

Product Highlights Amadeus Instant Search for Airlines

Make your travelers’ choice easier and occupy the market space that they’re looking for by being as relevant to their needs as possible.

Streamline your SEO with content that best satisfies your customers’ needs.
Turn ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’ by capturing the right potential passenger and converting them into customers.
Stand out by promoting specific flights with a system that copes with large search transactions with partnership integration and accuracy.
Market better with Instant Search UI Outputs that manages content and parameters to reach your target market.

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