Amadeus Flex Pricer

Make the shopping experience more user-friendly and boost sale by grouping your online fares into fare families – such as Economy, Economy Comfort and Business Class – over multiple departure dates, so your passengers can easily select the offer and ticket price that best suit their needs. 

Improve the shopping experience and boost sales by grouping your online fares.


Create flexible pricing groups

Clearly display your fares so price-sensitive passengers can quickly identify the cheapest ticket price. Making it easy to shop online, supporting complex scenarios like multi-city or stopover requests, will drive more self-service sales, reducing the workload on your call centers and bringing down costs associated with indirect distribution. 

Find fares faster and encourage to finalize booking

Empower your passengers via flexible shopping solutions. They can view all fare classes over a range of dates, with an indicator to warn of low availability for a particular fare. The prices and discounts are clearly displayed so budgeting passengers can quickly identify the cheapest ticket price.

Fare calendar

Enable the fare calendar to easily read and display all the necessary information: ticket price, currency or miles, within airlines’ defined dimensions (flexible dates, number of fare families, with included or additional services).

Entice passenger and increase sales

Customers considering upgrading to a higher fare can instantly see the price and any extras included. This can be encouraged with an up-sell teaser message which points out the benefits of selecting a higher fare class.

Increase conversion rate

From the early stage of shopping flow until fare review page, apply marketing techniques thanks to low seat availability, urgency to book or discount information.

Upsell via support of fare families and promotion of your ancillary services

Create, display and manage your custom fare families enabling usage of ATPCO Branded fares.

Customize and personalize

Customize multiple versions of fares groups to suit different markets. Enable personalization via the integration of additional solutions like Active Valuation, Amadeus Anytime Merchandising and Customer Experience Management.

Product Highlights Amadeus Flex Pricer

Get all the benefits of an online pricing display system and with the personalization and efficiency of the user interface to help drive conversion from your website and sales success.

Find fares faster with availability and price indicators, supporting complex itinerary scenarios, using user-friendly calendar and upsell views.
Easy & efficient with workload reduction from working online, as well as built-in automated upselling methods to increase sales.
Increase conversion and upsell rate, using marketing techniques for prompt booking decision, thanks to low seat availability, urgency to book or discounts highlights.
Personalize your user-interface to better appeal to different types of customers, via fare families and ancillary services promotions.

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