Amadeus Fares and Pricing

The latest processing technology and unique proprietary algorithms deliver reliable fares search, among hundreds of millions public and private fares, and powerful pricing computation, returning accurate pricing in real time, even for complex international itineraries.

A powerful search and calculation tool that processes large volumes of fares with accurate pricing.



Increase productivity and service

Offer one single point of entry to process all sources of fares, filed in ATPCo, Amadeus or via a third-party application. Deliver reliable itinerary pricing in real-time with the best-in-class response time.

Powerful Database

A relational database that stores all active fares with associated data, including rules, taxes, currencies and mileage. Historical fares are stored for up to two years. Optimize management of fares with Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform to file private fares.

Intelligent pricing

Fares and pricing are calculated in real-time, ensuring high levels of accuracy and reliability. Have the ability to price all types of fares, whether they are public or private - both directly filed and dynamically created.

Instant insight

Gain quick knowledge into transaction information such as fares and notes, tax breakdown, currency, mileage and baggage allowance.

Optimize revenues

Accurate fares and pricing which fit with the airline's fare strategy.


We offer solutions to acquire fares and rules

FareXpert Filing Platform, which is a web-based GUI to enter and file private fares, and Amadeus XML Fare Data Interface to synchronise private fares managed in-house.

Fares and rules exposure

Access comprehensive and clearly structured fare and rules displays.

Ensure high levels of accuracy

Fares, taxes and surcharges are calculated in real-time for optimal reliability. A Best Pricer option allows to provide the 20 lowest available fares.

Product Highlights Amadeus fares & pricing engine

Get the best calculations and values with the Fares & Pricing tools fully integrated into the Altéa Reservation and used all over the world

Intelligent pricing in real-time which fit your airline’s fare strategy.
Product modules to acquire airlines’ fares and rules.
Product modules from the Amadeus Suite to optimize efficiency of fares and pricing.
Fare and rules displays that give a clear and concise structured display.

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