Amadeus EMD Server

Leverage the best multi-channel fulfilment product in its class with full integration into your ancillary services sales flow. With Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD), you can document sales and track the usage of charges, such as residual value, miscellaneous charges or excess baggage with ease.

Issue, store, distribute and manage EMDs with unmatched efficiency.


Maximize your revenue

Amadeus EMD Server enables you and your interline partners to capture every sales opportunity and create additional revenue streams.

EMD interlining

Deliver an EMD to your departure control system, update coupon status, and deliver data to your revenue accounting system with ease.

DCS support & revenue accounting

Provide connections between Amadeus EMD Server and your partners’ EMD servers for the issuance of interline EMDs.

Enhance your customer experience

By removing the need to queue for paper documents at airports, Amadeus EMD Server offers passengers a streamlined and flexible experience. Additionally, electronic documentation removes the need for manual processing, giving your airport staff more time to attend to passengers.

Customizable combined e-Ticket/EMD receipt

The EMD Server offers e-tickets and EMD receipts in a single document for both flights and services. These documents can be customized to fit your brand’s visual identity via a web-based user-friendly interface.

Ticketing configuration manager

An advanced setup platform which allows you to monitor and update ticketing settings at any time.

Obtain operational efficiency

The EMD Server integrates with your sales, service delivery, revenue tracking, and reporting processes to deliver enhanced business productivity, reduce operational costs and maximize yields.

Seamless integration

Gain full integration with Amadeus Altéa Reservation, Amadeus Ticket Changer, Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services an Amadeus Service Changer.

IATA compliancy

Fully IATA compliant and integrated with the entire Altéa Suite. This increases operational efficiency across all reservation, ticketing and departure control systems, as well as revenue collection and reporting solutions.

Multi-service support

Issue an EMD for any service.

Data & storage management

Store and manage your EMD records in one database.

Full Reporting

Distribute your products outside of the BSP environment, with all EMD sales transactions reported directly to your revenue accounting system.

Product Highlights Amadeus EMD Server

Get simplified, industry-standard accounting that helps tackle fraud while lowering costs.

Streamline and optimize accounting processes with automated handling of airline terms and conditions.
All EMD sales transactions are reported directly into the airline's revenue accounting system.
Maximize revenue with ancillary services sold in the indirect channel.
Take advantage of automatic pricing, EMD generation and reporting of ancillary services.

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