Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct

Enable authorized travel agents to issue electronic tickets from your e-ticket stock and report these transactions directly to your revenue accounting system - without the need to report them first to the BSP.

Enable authorized travel agents to issue electronic tickets from your e-ticket stock .


Seamless e-ticket transitioning

Streamline operations with seamless e-ticketing transitioning, even in markets with no BSP.

Enhanced e-ticket issuance

Travel agents can select the ticketing carrier at time of issuance by simply adding the modifier /T-XX (where XX is the carrier code).

Employer partnered travel agents

Travel agents have full access to all existing e-ticketing functionalities (Display, Exchange/Reissue, History, Refund, Revalidation and Void).

Effective travel management

Computer Generated Numbers (CGN) are provided by the airline and recorded in Amadeus. These numbers are sub-allocated in predefined ranges to the travel agents authorized for Electronic Ticketing Direct.

Documentation and record-keeping

The following coupons can be printed by travel agents if required by the airline: Itinerary Receipt, Audit Coupon, Agent Coupon, Credit Card Charge Form and Passenger Coupon.

Enhance your partnerships

Strengthen your partnership with affiliate travel agents with comprehensive, streamlined exchange of information.

Retain control over payments

You control which forms of payments are authorized to be used by travel agents. Amadeus Electronic Ticketing uses a unique FOP table is used for the management of all implemented markets.

Optional ticket quota control

Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct gives you the option to control the number of electronic tickets issued by travel agents when necessary.

Comprehensive sales reporting

Travel agents can display current and past sales issued on your e-ticket stock using standard sales reporting. Ticket transactions are reported in standard IATA HOT/RET format at the airline’s preferred frequency. Files can be sent via secured FTP server or delivered directly into an iiNET account.

Product Highlights Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct

Take advantage of direct communication between airline and agent with seamless e-ticketing.

Achieve seamless e-ticketing transition across all markets, include those with no BSP.
Enable travel agents to select ticketing carrier at the point of e-ticket issuance.
Travel agents gain access to every existing e-ticketing functionality. This includes: Display, Exchange/Reissue, History, Refund, Revalidation and Void.
Sub-allocate Computer Generated Numbers (CGN) in predefined ranges for authorized agents.
Capitalize on a streamlined exchange of information between airline and travel agent.
Travel agents are restricted to using only the forms of payment authorized by the airline.

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