Amadeus e-Retail

Be connected to the world's most widely used booking system for airlines, used for over 100 airlines. Benefit from a shared community system that gives you greater productivity as well as a faster and more reliable experience for customers. Amadeus e-retail is easy to deploy and available in 44 languages, helping you sell your services the right way.

Let your travelers connect to the world's most widely used booking system for airlines.



You'll be up and running in no time at all

With fast and easy deployment, you can begin selling without delay. Amadeus e-Retail is an ‘out of the box’ solution designed to avoid technical delays, bringing you the seamless booking experience you want – fast.

Engage a wider customer base and see revenues rise

When customers know they can rely on you for a seamless shopping and booking experience you’ll see the results. Enlarge your market share and enjoy higher revenues with access to a wider audience of satisfied travelers.

Build an esteemed reputation and build customers' loyalty

One the fastest ways to build your brand is to offer an improved level of service. Travelers will come to trust airlines that provide an easy to understand and reliable experience. Get to know your customer base better and understand how to interact with your content.

Avoid crippling IT maintenance expenses

Save on the huge costs associated with IT ownership and maintenance. Amadeus e-Retail is a shared community system which gives you instant access to product enhancements and developments, including industry mandates, at a fraction of the cost.


Adjust parameters to suit your specific needs

In Amadeus e-Retail, thanks to the rule engine, every parameter can be modified based on input criteria. Examples include being based on the combination time to departure, ticket value and customer profile, and whether the 3D secure payment can be activated or not.

Automatic notifications

Customers automatically receive an e-mail confirmation when they make a booking. To make things even better, Amadeus e-Retail has a proven record of 99.9% uptime, for your peace of mind.

Track customer behavior

You can configure your online booking engine to return customized information, based on where your customers are located and the type of trip they are booking. This means you’ll have a clearer picture of what offers appeals to who and why.

Make it your own with customizable options

You can customize e-Retail to fit your brand. Implement your own unique Responsive User Interface offering a single solution for your website(s) across devices and screen sizes. This customizable UIis already used to power the websites of 80+ airlines around the world.

Integrate with ease - no hassles, no delays

Build a full digital retailing package with comprehensive integration with other Amadeus products. Amadeus e-Retail has over 2000 parameters, allowing you to customize the booking engine to your distinct needs and requirements.

Case Study South African Airways

Taking digital channel sales to the next level

Taking digital channel sales to the next level

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Product Highlights Amadeus e-Retail

Offer your customers an intuitive and reliable experience every time they visit your site.

Sell your services immediately with fast deployment through your website.
Obtain easy integration with other Amadeus products for a full digital retailing package.
Make Amadeus e-Retail recognizably your own with customizable design options.
Engage a wider online customer base, with the ability to customize over 2000 parameters using specific business rules.
Improve the customer experience and gain more visibility over how users interact with your site.
Reduce costs and access product enhancements and developments, including e-document support with fully integrated online credit card validation.
Provide booking also for specific cases which imply the use of specific fares.

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