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Frequent flyers form one of the most valuable segments of your customer base, which is why making it as simple as possible for them to redeem their air miles should be a priority. Help your web visitors exchange their air miles for travel services and improve the burn rate of miles you have allocated.

Make it simpler and better for your frequent flyers to redeem their air miles.


Increase award redemptions

Increase your award redemptions with two solutions that help your web visitors exchange their air miles for travel services, such as flights. Provide your customers with more choice and better flexibility for awards redemption and make it easy for them to search and compare various flight options in miles.

Amadeus Award Converter

Leverage advanced conversion technology to automatically convert your commercial fares into air miles and offer more redemption options to your frequent flyers. Customers can then view the price of available flights both in standard currency and miles by simply switching miles/cash displays of the same flow.

Amadeus Miles & Cash Slider

Provide your customers with a fast and effective way to redeem even a small amount of air miles, allowing them to split fares from standard currency into part miles/part cash with Amadeus Miles & Cash Slider. They can then choose how they wish to pay for the air ticket: in miles, cash, or a combination of both.

Customize your redemption strategies

Implement dynamic redemption strategies

Cash-to-miles conversion technology, real-time interaction with your loyalty system and integration with your service flow allow you to implement flexible redemption strategies with ease and end-to-end consistency.

Increase customer’s loyalty and grow revenues

Amadeus Digital Awards helps to differentiate your customers’ online awards redemption experience and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, creating new revenue opportunities.

User-friendly shopping experience

Calendar and upsell displays provide your customers the best possible air miles options per day, across a range of dates. Passengers can also easily switch between revenue payment and redemption payment.

Reduce workload

Alleviate your call-center workers from the task of having to deal with passengers wishing to redeem air miles over the phone, freeing up resources to focus other priorities.

Case Study New redemption option for award miles

Enabling Lufthansa customer to pay in miles, cash, or a combination of both

Enabling Lufthansa customer to pay in miles, cash, or a combination of both

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Product Highlights Amadeus Digital Awards

Amadeus Digital Awards delivers exceptional customer service and operational efficiency, making it a win-win for both you and your passengers. Air mile redemption has never been easier.

Enhance customer experience with simple, easy to understand air mile redemption processes.
Drive traffic to your website, creating more opportunities to capture business and generate revenue.
Offer more flight options in miles by leveraging commercial classes for miles bookings.
Reduce the workload of your call-center staff, freeing up resources for other tasks.
Implement dynamic and customizable redemption strategies.
Provide your passengers with a wide range of payment options.

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