Amadeus Customer Service Center

Handling customer issues efficiently is essential to offering a superior travel experience. Keep full control with access to your own powerful distribution engine, a customizable approval mechanism, and advanced interfacing module.

Handle your customer issues efficiently and give passengers a superior travel experience.


More efficient data control

Manage your data using a single tool: manages all data concerning customer relations for both loyalty program members and non-members.

Single tool management

Store comprehensive customer profiles containing critical data such as contact information, job title, corporate data and links to frequent flyer programs. You can also maintain a comprehensive history for each traveler.

Customize your workflows

Set rules to direct incoming customer messages to the most appropriate agent and easily configure approval systems or outgoing messages via multiple communication channels to optimize your customer relationships. Use built-in standardized reports, or customize them to meet your specific needs for monitoring and analyzing your customer contacts.

Streamlined workflows

Amadeus Customer Center streamlines your workflow management to handle all communication, from distribution tools to monitoring tools.

Integrate internal and external tools

Exchange information seamlessly with airline systems including: loyalty management and data warehouses, as well as insurance and baggage tracking systems – all accessible via a web browser. Perfectly scalable in terms of both complexity and number of customers, available for small, large, network and low-cost carriers.

Configurable web interface

Use the interfacing module to make all functionalities of Amadeus Customer Service Centre available via a complete and configurable web interface.

Product Highlights Amadeus Customer Service Centre

Amadeus Customer Service Centre is a comprehensive passenger care and management product, offering your customers an enhanced traveling experience.

Increase your efficiency with a single tool management with an extensive customer profile storage containing critical data and customer history for each traveler.
Comprehensive reporting allows you to either use built-in reports or customize them to meet specific needs for your customer contacts.
A streamlined management to handle all communication, with customizable workflows to direct incoming messages to the most appropriate agent.
Seamless integration with an advanced interfacing module for exchanging information with a number of airline, insurance and baggage systems, accessible via a complete and configurable web interface.

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