Amadeus Customer Experience Management

Get an instant and complete view of every traveler incorporating past behavior, preferences and key metrics such as customer lifetime value. Develop closer relationships with customers by delivering tailored offers and services based on customer insights.

Aggregate customer data and compute valuable insights in real-time for airlines.



Grow brand loyalty and traveler satisfaction

Provide high-quality passenger care and personalized offers. Essential traveler information is processed for the most relevant service propositions.

Maximize revenues

Identify high-value customers and upsell relevant offers tailored to customer needs and preferences thanks to the Personalized Merchandising module.

Improve customer retention

Minimize impact of travel disruptions by ensuring efficient recovery. The Customer Knowledge Centre delivers data-driven insights to enable proactive and personalized customer care, thus reducing complaints and associated costs.


These benefits are attainable thanks to the below key features and services.

Extensive customer profiles

Single, comprehensive view of each traveler’s purchase, service and disruption history, as well as preferences and customer value.

Real-time data-driven insights

Amadeus Customer Experience Management customer profile and metrics are dynamically updated and made actionable in applications in real-time.

Instant personalization

Essential traveler information is integrated into agent screens and fed into operational business processes to tailor the airline’s servicing. Additionally, personalized proposals for flights or upsells are based on individual traveler or segment features.

Consulting services

Take advantage of specialized consulting services to help you define and optimize customer experience management strategies at an organizational level.

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Product Highlights Amadeus Customer Experience Management

By providing personalization capabilities, Amadeus Customer Experience Management (CEM) brings additional value to various components of the airline ecosystem, including the Passenger Service System (PSS), e-Commerce, CRM, campaign and merchandising solutions.

Amadeus Customer Experience Management is integrated into the Passenger Servicing System (PSS) that enables consistent personalization across all channels (airline agent, travel agent, web).
Customers are identified in real-time in all interactions; customer metrics and preferences are automatically updated, so that the next best decision is applied even close to departure.
Personalization is enabled for all customers and in every touchpoint, from inspiration and shopping through booking, to the airport and beyond.
Amadeus offers consulting services to help you defining your Customer Experience strategy through assessment, segmentation activities, personae building, journey mapping and more.

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