Amadeus Cross-Sell Ancillary Services

Boost your airline’s revenues by partnering with other travel providers to offer your customers a complete, end-to-end experience with more flexible travel options and additional services. Provide access to the most comprehensive pool of hotel, car rental and insurance companies so you can select the ancillary services that will best complement your product offering.

Provide your customers with a complete travel experience and generate more sales.


Comprehensive database

Enjoy access to an extensive range of ancillary services that cover the world, all available in real-time, so that your business is always prepared to meet the customers’ travel plans. Whether that’s from one of our 90,000 property chains worldwide, car rental businesses serving across more countries than there are in the UN, or our numerous insurance companies.

Seamless connectivity

Real-time availability and pricing information as well as instant booking confirmation, with seamless connection to Amadeus travel providers.

Increase efficiency

Faster and more efficient booking, servicing and back-office processing.

Full integration

Integrate all trip elements into one master PNR allowing for full servicing.

Intuitive engines

Quickly locate ancillary services based on customer preferences by using multiple search parameters.

Maximize customer satisfaction

Book all travel arrangements in one place, using flight booking details to pre-populate data. This gives your customer a superior shopping experience, and the ability to purchase everything they need in one place.

Consistent customer experience

Maximize customer satisfaction by delivering a consistent brand interface across your existing Amadeus platform and all customer touch-points including website, call centers and sales offices.

Case Study Qantas cross-sell

Qantas cross-sells its way to new revenues and happy customers.

Qantas cross-sells its way to new revenues and happy customers.

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Product Highlights Amadeus Cross-Sell Ancillary Services

From one single source, select all the content that you want to sell, to make planning and booking of any journey easier for your customers.

A superior, end-to-end travel shopping experience.
Intuitive engines give multiple search options that benefit the traveler.
Seamless connectivity with real-time availability to increase efficiency.
Comprehensive database to ancillary services all over the world to generate revenues from different streams, with generous commissions.
Full integration into the master PNR for optimal booking and servicing.

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