Amadeus Business Analytics Center

Business Analytics Center is Amadeus’ cutting-edge Business Intelligence solution for airlines leveraging a fast, cost effective and complete big data platform that gives them access to critical data insights to further monitor their performance and make better informed decision.

Leverage a fast, cost effective and complete big data platform for airlines.


Save time

Highly intuitive dashboards deliver immediate performance related insight, adding new value to any and every department of your airline, be it sales, marketing, revenue management, operations and executives. Automated data processing avoids lengthy manual data crunching, enabling airlines to optimize their decision-making processes.

Full flexibility with self-service BI & personalization

Business Analytics Canter users can define their own ad hoc reports, built on top of existing data sets. Airlines can use the tool to make notes, share and distribute with colleagues.

Use a cost-efficient solution

Low capital investment is required, returning top and bottom line growth. No need of having dedicated hardware which requires maintenance and updates, allowing airlines to focus on your core business. Airlines can start small project, experiment and smoothly expand according to their needs.

Detect business inefficiencies

Comparison versus previous year performances and airlines own targets, enabling airlines to take the adequate actions aligned with their strategical objectives.

Identify growth opportunities

Streamlined data sets interfacing unstructured and fragmented data sources, breaking the silos between airlines business units in order to leverage new opportunities.

Product Highlights Amadeus Business Analytics Centre

Amadeus Business Analytics Centre is composed by five key modules for each level within the organisation: 

The C-Level module: delivers organisational insights for strategic decision-making. High level dashboards that provide visibility on the airline’s main KPIs such as key commercial and operational indicators.
The Sales module: offers tactical insights to drive growth. It allows the user to compare booking and travel performance vs. the target and historical performance down to the office ID and booking class, in order to drive bookings across all routes.
The Marketing module: offers customer insights to deliver personalised services to customers. It enables users to understand who their customers with demographic information are, what are their shopping and travel patterns and what is the contribution of your loyalty programs.
The Revenue Management module: Provides essential tools to implement the most effective pricing and seat allocation strategy
The Operational module: offers insights to improve on-time performance, passenger operations and optimise fleet block time.

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