Amadeus Booking Analytics

Empower your stakeholders, informing their strategic and commercial decisions with Amadeus Booking Analytics. Leveraging Big Data technologies and extensive MIDT data gathered across all main Global Distribution Systems, you can access deeper insights relating to current market trends and measure performance with increased precision.

Empower your stakeholders and inform their strategic and commercial decisions.


Take a forward-looking view

Adopting a forward-looking view on bookings gives airlines instant visibility over the market and enables them to identify opportunities and to maximize revenue. Working directly with raw data achieves more accurate and granular analysis, expanding the value of MIDT data gathered across all GDSs.

MIDT booking curves

Access a graphical representation of the progress of the bookings, up to the day of departure with our dedicated MIDT booking curve module. Our benchmarking capabilities allow you to compare airline performance with the market, as well as their evolution versus previous periods.

Establish more control

Give users greater flexibility with the possibility to create, save, export and share their own reports and analysis through a user-friendly query tool. Leveraging Big Data technologies ensures true scalability and high processing speed, enabling you to enrich analysis with additional data sources.

Global booking processing

Advanced MIDT processing capabilities, based on Big Data technologies to process, extract and analyze MIDT raw data and gain deeper market insights. Use our standard business rules or set customized processing rules yourself.

Do more personalized support

A consultative approach with our team of experts helps identify and leverage even more business opportunities. Increase visibility and harness full customization with interactive dashboards based on business users’ needs; including sales, marketing, revenue management and network planning dashboards.

Booking reports composer

Use a flexible querying tool that enables all business users to create their own reports, designed to answer both simple and complex queries, letting business consumers produce customized data charts to share across the business.

Gain total control with full-scale insight

We enable airlines to gain deeper insights into market trends with MIDT data giving them access to an accurate, flexible and user-friendly tool that leverages big data technologies. This solution allows all key stakeholders within your airline to better track competition, monitor your Point of Sale performance and understand customer behavior.

Sales module

Closely supervise your Point of Sale performance, from bookings evolution, carrier distribution and your O&D ranking in order to track competition activity and positioning. It consists of Point of Sales Benchmarking dashboard and Point of Sales Analysis dashboard.

Marketing module

This module enables users to understand your own carrier’s performance and compare it to the wider market and main competition. Users access route-level analysis relating to sales evolution and market share. This module is composed of two dashboards: Carrier benchmarking and route analysis.

Network planning module

The Network Commercial dashboard allows airlines to analyze key operational traffic for a certain period compared to competitors so that you can understand in details your share of traffic in the market and see booking for a certain route by cabin class through a map interface.

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All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways

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Product Highlights Amadeus Booking Analytics

Amadeus Booking Analytics leverages the latest Big Data technologies to identify, extract and pursue previously unseen opportunities for growth.

Have a greater forward-thinking approach to your analysis with MIDT booking curves that accurately shows progress on any carrier booking, to help identify sales opportunities.
Analyze your performance evolution compared to the wider market with our marketing dashboard. Be able to plan potential routes and entrants to the market with our network planning dashboard.
Customization allows you to develop more specific insight by customizing the O&D business rules according to your needs.
Establish more control and enhanced scalability with our global booking process tool, based on Big Data technologies, to gain deeper market insights.
Easily access knowledge to Point of Sale performance to help benchmark your positioning. Get dashboards that are specifically designed for tablet devices so Senior Executives also have access to key market metrics.
Benefit from first-class support with our team of experts to leverage more business opportunities.
Increase visibility with an interactive tool that analyzes global booking processing capabilities to provide insightful and visual analysis of MIDT data.
Get a personal touch with a flexible booking reports composer that enables all users to create their own reports and answer all queries.

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