Amadeus Anytime Merchandising

Amadeus Anytime Merchandising is a user-friendly and intuitive solution that allows the airline marketer to effectively define, deploy, monitor and adjust the airline merchandising strategy in real-time. Customized business rules can be defined and applied dynamically for any component of the merchandising strategy. The solution acts as a bridge between the travelers’ retailing touchpoints and the airline’s servicing and delivery.

Drive your airline’s merchandising strategy through a centralized and dynamic portal.



Give your customers what they want

Enable airlines to execute successful merchandising strategies to meet today’s traveler demands of more choice and flexibility to a wider range of services.

Reach all travelers and increase loyalty

 Airlines can interact with travelers at any point in the journey. Communication can be targeted based on traveler insights (e.g. booking context, inventory data, point of sales, timing information and passenger information), to optimize each and every interaction.

Increase revenues

Airlines can now unlock significant revenue opportunities from satisfied travelers, by offering more contextualized services. Leveraging a large variety of different merchandising techniques, airlines can deploy those that are most relevant to engage customers and encourage purchasing.


Get set up for optimal results on sales

Dynamically set and deploy airline business rules optimizing the five key components of a successful merchandising strategy: timing, technique, channel, offer and price.

Customize your offerings

Personalize numerous aspects of the airline’s merchandising strategy by leveraging insights such as booking context, inventory data, point of sales, timing information and passenger information.

Track your performance with dashboards

Monitor and optimize merchandising strategy through on-demand dashboards, which track sales & strategy performance, and test scenarios on specific groups with the ability to make updates in real time.

Report A new formula for airline success

Why customized offers are the future of airline marketing and revenue management​

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Product Highlights Amadeus Anytime Merchandising in Distribution

Unlock the power of merchandising, enabling airlines to execute successful merchandising strategies.

Dynamic distribution of content with business rules application in real-time.
Seamless integration capabilities to Amadeus Intermediated Channel for a faster time-to-market.
Ancillary services that generate extra revenue by reaching out on a bigger scale.
Adjust pricing contextually to ensure consistent content.

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