Amadeus Ancillary Services

Maximize your airline ancillary revenue and deliver unparalleled customer service. Increase revenue and sales by deploying your merchandising strategy in the intermediated channel across all Amadeus shopping platforms.

Capture every sales opportunity and offer a complete service to your online shoppers.


Increase revenue through better merchandizing

Drive more sales and revenue with unbundling and retailing strategies, enabling you to sell a wide range of flight and non-flight related services.

Automate your control

Increase your efficiency and control by automating the distribution of services and the collection of their sales.

Implement multiple strategies

Deploy merchandising strategy across all customer touch points including low fare search engines.

Enable your travelers

Allow your travelers to customize their travel experience by providing more service options.

Product Highlights Amadeus Ancillary Services

Powerful merchandising strategy across shopping platforms that reaches all customer touch points.

100% geographical network coverage and integration in all front office types (online/offline, leisure/business).
Agency pre-booking optimization through user-friendly and transparent one-stop-shop.
Catalogue and seat map with aggregated service information from multiple data sources (e.g. service prices, service terms and conditions, real time seat availability, service quota checks, interline agreements).
Agent post-booking servicing optimization with Amadeus Service Changer feature facilitating adoption of airline ancillary products adoption, repeat purchases and error reductions.
Compatibility with full scope of industry standards: ATPCo Optional Services, Electronic Miscellaneous Document, baggage handling in interline and code share bookings.
Handles airline specific and custom services.

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