Amadeus Chatbot for Airlines - Gear up for the conversational future

Today, the most natural medium of commerce – conversation – is enabled at scale by technology. Over the years, commerce has evolved through mail order all the way to mobile commerce. We are now at the stage where customers can talk to businesses to transact, resolve queries and to ask for help – a huge change from having to work with rigid user interfaces and waiting on call-centre lines to resolve queries.

Commerce has evolved through mail order catalogues, online catalogues, e-commerce websites with electronic payment, and mobile commerce.


Increase customer satisfaction

Through an improved and consistent user experience, Amadeus Chatbot has the ability to adapt to your customers’ digital habits, rendering it a more useful and personalized experience for your travelers, including an implemented tracking location device.

Retrieve bookings

Allow customers to access their own bookings and flight information through an easy and secure system with Chatbot.


Provide a richness in your brand's user experience with a solution that allows you to tailor conversation in the Amadeus Chatbot to your brand, while the system updates and adapts to your customers' habits and needs.

Collect feedback

Utilize the direct and user-friendly interface with your travelers to create better interactions and gather good amounts of accurate feedback to keep the solution constantly improving.


Reduce operational costs

Our communications system allows for your call agents to focus on other priorities in the business, while your FAQs can now be handled by our “intelli-gent” agent.

Basic FAQs functionality

Amadeus Chatbot is enabled to respond quickly and directly to customers on some of the most common queries through our “intelligent” agent, giving added efficiency to customer interaction.


Increase your revenue

Thanks to a greater reach to its customers with the new sales channel, fully integrated with our Amadeus booking engine, it is now easier for you to receive an extra influx of revenue.

Flight bookings

With Amadeus Chatbot, customers will have the capability to book their flights on chat mode, adding another option for your revenue stream.

Product Highlights Amadeus Chatbot for Airlines

Amadeus chatbot will enable your airline to make rich conversations available on a new channel of customer interaction, with a solution that gives you a head-start in the race to lead in conversational commerce.

Adapt the chatbot’s tone to reflect your brand’s personality for better customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Let your travelers make and retrieve their bookings through the Chatbot experience, adding extra income and efficiency.
Use the solution’s “intelligent” agent to help travelers in their queries for most basic FAQs.
Reduce your operational costs by giving your call agents the ability to work on other tasks and manage their time more effectively.