Amadeus Altéa Segment Revenue Management

Altéa Segment Revenue Management helps you maximize profits on your routes by determining the most profitable inventory allocation, combining innovative airline demand forecasting techniques with real-time data exchange. It provides you with the tools to manage fenceless fare structures and fare family products. You can then align your pricing structures and demand forecast methods to avoid price spiral down.

Combine innovative airline demand forecasting with real-time data exchange.



Exploit route opportunities

Align your availability strategy with your airline fares commercialization with accurate demand forecasting to maximize seat sales.

Obtain a higher return on investment

Thanks to our ongoing technical and business support. This ensures organizational alignment, process improvements and encourages user adoption.

Boost revenue management & pricing performance

Make informed decision-making, thanks to business analytics, alerts and process automation.


Integrate with Altéa Inventory

Guarantee full data integrity and automated processes. This makes it possible to compute daily yields and forecasts, or dynamically optimize availability.

Provide analytics, simulations and alerts

Assess your performance, prioritize actions and implement business-driven decisions. Model the demand behavior and passengers’ willingness to pay according to the air product and fare structure (e.g. fare families). This will depend on the primary purpose of travel.

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Case Study New gains for Middle East Airlines

Implementation of Amadeus Segment Revenue Management paves the way for new gains for Middle East Airlines

Implementation of Amadeus Segment Revenue Management paves the way for new gains for Middle East Airlines

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Product Highlights Amadeus Altéa Segment Revenue Mangement

Access innovative forecasting and optimization techniques to drive profitability and leverage your distribution channels more effectively.

Forecast airline trends, seasonality and special events
Use Price Sensitivity Module to avoid spiral down effect
Optimize revenues with recommended inventory controls
Generate yield based on revenue accounting with fares information
Use Reporting Tools to support your decision-making
Altéa Group Manager assists analyst in group quotation and booking flow

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